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Chess of Stars Partners With Cube Network

Yet to launch officially, the GameFi project on BNB Chain hopes to expand its business reach through Cube.

Meet Chess of Stars

Chess of Stars is a multi-chain auto chess GameFi application deployed on BNB Chain that can be downloaded and played on mobile phones or desktops.

Players are able to purchase 3D ERC-721 Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and use the characters to play in the game and compete to earn rewards. While the game is built to let players play against one another, Chess of Stars has multi-dimensional confrontational gameplay through which players can also play custom games through the guilds and teams they belong to. 

Yet to launch officially, the GameFi project recently concluded an internal testing session for the game wherein it invited gamers to test the game, find bugs, and be rewarded through a “Find Bug to Earn” giveaway.

Chess of Stars on Cube Chain

In an announcement on July 15, Chess of Stars informed its ecosystem members of its strategic partnership with Cube Chain. According to the blog post, Chess of Stars will list its governance tokens and NFTs on Cube Chain through Cube's multi-chain infrastructure. The objective of this is to expand the reach of the GameFi project.

In addition, through the partnership, Chess of Stars will have its Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on Cube Network. Through its IDO, Chess of Stars aims to provide liquidity for the project.

What Is Chess of Stars:

Chess of Stars is a GameFi project built on BNB Chain. Designed to work on multiple chains, it is a reinvented automated chess game that can be downloaded and played on mobile phones or desktops. Through its 3D-enabled characters, players of the Chess of Stars game can compete with each other or through whatever guilds or teams they may belong to. 

Where to find Chess of Stars:

Website | Twitter | Telegram  | Docs |GitHub


What Is Cube:

Cube is a high-performance modular blockchain supporting multi-chain architecture. It is a public blockchain that is designed to collaborate and promote the development of the industry, taking into account the current needs of decentralized applications and future innovation and development.

Find more about Cube Network here:

Website | Twitter | Whitepaper | GitHub


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