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OpenOcean Outlines May Innovation, including Polkstarer IDO Alongside Solana and Loopring Aggregation

The month of May was packed with significant innovations and news coming into and from OpenOcean. The protocol has grown to become a multichain platform after being solely on BSC.

How to use the OKEx Polygon (MATIC) Bridge and Avoid Ethereum Gas Fees

The integration is part of OKEx's continuous innovation program designed to give users a premium trading experience.

WEXpoly Airdrop 100x’s as WaultSwaps Polygon (MATIC) TVL Crosses 500M Upon Launch

Wault Finance experiences a tremendous jump in the price of WEXpoly following their hugely successful airdrop.

Goldman Sachs Gears up to Launch Ethereum Futures and Options Trading

The industry giant joins a list of influential companies and figures that have given their support to the original DeFi chain.

Thai Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Announces Slew of Bans on Memecoins, Fan Tokens, Exchange Tokens and NFTs

The Thailand regulators are placing restrictions on a number of crypto assets including the lovable Dogecoin ($DOGE) as Musk plans to send DOGE-1 to the moon.

MicroStrategy Sold up to $1 Billion in Stocks for More Bitcoin, SEC Filing Reveals

The company has been highly bullish on cryptocurrency, with CEO Michael Saylor praising the future of digital assets.

Millennial Millionaires Recognize Crypto as an Investable Asset, CNBC’s Online Survey Suggests

There is a huge disparity between generations who invest in crypto, and it’s true across the world

Musk Sets Condition For Tesla Acceptance to Bitcoin on the Use of Green Energy

The eccentric millionaire is at it again, this time stating that Tesla will resume accepting Bitcoin as payment once its mining operations are 50% ‘green’.

The 0x Protocol Team Announces Partnership to Bring 1M Users to Polygon Through 10M of Funding

Polygon their expansion, this time partnering with the 0x protocol.

Kusama Parachain Auctions are Gearing Up, Leveraging Polkadots Technology

After a successful launch of its Shell parachain, the team will bring upgrades to the first fully decentralized, secure heterogeneously-sharded blockchain.

Denmark Looks to Revise Tax Code to Address Widespread Use of Cryptocurrencies

The old tax code from 1922 is looking increasingly outdated thanks to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Nigeria Cranks Up Efforts for a CBDC Pilot Launch in 2021

Nigeria’s Central Bank Digital Currency will likely see the light of day in 2021 according to an official from the Central Bank of Nigeria.

India Potentially Looking to Switch Gears, SEBI Looks to Classify and Regulate Cryptocurrencies as an Asset Class

Rumours are rife that India is considering classifying Bitcoin as an asset class as the prospect for cryptocurrency adoption looks promising.

FinCEN and FATF Proposed Rules are ‘OverKill’, Says a Top Ranking Republican

In a letter to Secretary Janet Yellen, Senator Pat Toomey (R) highlighted concerns related to the proposed regulations by FinCEN and FATF that will not address illicit activities but will negatively impact the United States.

DOGE Co-Creator, Billy Markus, Launches 3-Tier DogeCoin Themed NFT Series

Dogecoin founder Billy Markus is the latest celebrity and developer to enter the NFT space.

Binance NFT Marketplace to List NFTs Based On Ugandan Museum Artifacts

The Uganda National Museum will create Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to be put on display and auctioned on Binance’s marketplace in a partnership with Murcom.

New York Approves Bill on Mining Moratorium Citing Environmental Concerns

In light of heavy criticism on use of fossil fuel that has sparked debates in the crypto space, the latest development involves a piece of bill that prevents granting of permits to mining operations on environmental grounds.

NFTs Infiltrate Wall St as Jonathan Rosen and Treum Gear up for Massive NFT Release

The Upcoming NFT project is advertising on Times Square.

Matcha has Gone Live on Polygon (MATIC), Enabling Trading of 1000+ Tokens

The Matcha exchange has partnered with Polygon (MATIC). The partnership will allow users to trade over 1000 tokens on the Polygon network.

The Taxman Will Soon Come A-Knocking as the IRS Requests for Funding to Expand on Crypto Tax Enforcement

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) seeks millions to ramp up its resources to focus on crypto tax enforcement in their latest congressional budget

Binance’s 100 NFT Artist Contest Features First Brazilian Football Club NFT with Atlético Mineiro

The Brazilian Club looks to become a reference point when it comes to Football and Crypto during the coming Binance NFT Launch.

Chinese Government Agency Releases Blockchain Development Roadmap

China released a development plan that identifies four major areas of adoption for blockchain applications.

Donald J. Trump Hits the Headlines Again After He Slams Bitcoin on Fox Business

Donald Trump has denounced Bitcoin as a scam, stemming from its “competition” with the US Dollar as a currency.

Almost Half of Aussie Millennials Prefer Crypto Investments to Real Estate, Citing Outperformance

As the older Australian generation stays skeptical of crypto, an overwhelmingly large percentage of millennials prefer crypto over the traditional investing/saving methods.

Paraguayan MP Sends Cryptic Tweet - Will The Country Recognise Bitcoin as a Legal Tender?

Paraguay is hinting that it will soon be the second country in the world to accept Bitcoin as legal tender after El Salvador.

Ruffer Reports $1.1 Billion in Profits from Bitcoin Investment, How this Companies BTC Investment Played Out

Over the course of 5 months, UK-based investment firm Ruffer earned $1.1 billion from their Bitcoin investments.

MATIC and SOL Display Outperformance as Markets Look to Bounce

MATIC and SOL, two rising chains that are starting to get increasing attention, display strength as the market makes a comeback.

Square Invests $5 Million Toward Solar Bitcoin Mining Facility

In a massive investment backed by Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey, Bitcoin miners look ready to set up an entirely solar-powered bitcoin mining facility.

Weibo Suspends Multiple Crypto Influencer Accounts, Is this Significant for Chinese Crypto Investors?

These accounts had been active in discussion of Bitcoin, crypto related projects and decentralized finance (DeFi).

Miami Mayor Pushes for Miami as a Crypto Hub, How Does Bitcoin Miami 2021 Factor in?

Miami is setting itself up to become the go-to Bitcoin and crypto city in America.

1Inch Exchange Introduces OTC Trading, Boasting Maximum Security And Privacy

The new OTC feature comes with benefits such as slippage-free transactions.

US Regulation Continues to Develop whilst Texas Governor Signs Crypto Framework Law

Greg Abbott (R) gave life to a new piece of law that amends the Uniform Commercial Code, creating a new legal framework for cryptocurrencies and blockchains.

FTX Closes Naming Rights Deal With Gaming Giant TSM, What Does This Entail?

FTX has partnered with TSM for $210 million over 10 years, however, a naming rights issue may cause problems

Exploring the Miami Bitcoin Conference

This event could make a huge difference for the community thanks to the high-profile attendees.

Zilliqa Capitalizes on Recent NFT Craze, Launching Football Star NFT Collection

Zilliqa and Polaris Sports join for an exclusive NFT Deal featuring 10 world-class football players

ECB Continues to Cite Benefits of Digital Euro, a Potential Boost to International Currency Use

Specific design features can incentivize the use of digital Euro for non-resident as means of payment, unit of account and store of value.

Injective Mainnet Nears as Centralized Crypto Derivatives Face Regulation

INJ is gearing up for decentralized leveraged trading just as regulation cracks down.

Uniswap Voted to Support Arbitrum Layer-2, Will This Help ETH Gas Fees?

This drastically lowers the amount of computation required to complete transactions, with scalability benefits of between 10-100x.

Google’s Updated Advertising Policy now Supports Crypto Related Services and Exchanges

This change is the first since 2018, as Google has a very strict policy on cryptocurrency advertising

Standard Chartered Now Offering Crypto Exchange Services

The British banking giant has a history with crypto involvement, and is now establishing themselves firmly into the sector.

Ron Paul Pushes for Legalization and Taxation of Bitcoin in Tune with Traditional Money

The former U.S. Congressman suggested that Bitcoin is a form of money and should be treated as such.

FTX Follows Binance and Gemini in Launching NFT Marketplace

The move has significant implications due to the strong foundation the company has in the crypto landscape.

Elon Musk's Recent Crypto Ignorance Results in Diminished Reputation

Elon Musk’s reputation sinks downwards after attacking Bitcoin.

Loser Coin Posts Impressive 180% Gains After CoinDesk Criticism

The meme project has surprised many with its rise, and raises an interesting perspective of the market thanks to its origins.

DOGE Rally Continues Following Elon Musk Tweets and Coinbase Pro Listing

Despite mixed industry reception, the memecoin has started to turn its fortunes back around after a recent dip.

ECB Emphasizes on Importance of CBDCs, Posing Risks for Central Banks

The warning about potential destabilization is a sign that they, along with many other institutions, are recognizing its upward mobility.

RBI Clarifies Banks Can’t Quote 2018 Circular, Lifting Restrictions

The news gives crypto enthusiasts in the country a more simple way to use the digital assets.
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