Trading Toolkits

Trading Toolkits: Volume-Weighted Average Price (VWAP)

Understanding how these averages work will benefit traders who are trying to extrapolate token prices.

Trading Toolkits: Overview of Candlestick Charts

Understanding these charts is key to becoming the most well-rounded, successful trader that you can be.

Trading Toolkits: Beginners Guide to Day Trading in Crypto

Due to the highly volatile nature of trading, understanding its mechanisms is key to being successful in daily market interactions.

Trading Toolkits: Asset Allocation And Diversification

In order to maximize returns, investors have a lot of variables that they need to take into account. How they distribute their assets can be the key to their success.

Trading Toolkits: A Beginners Guide to Classical Chart Patterns

In Technical Analysis, a transition between trends is often signaled by price patterns. A price pattern is a series of lines/curve that usually indicates the prevailing trend in the market at the time of the analysis

Trading Toolkits: A Look into Binance Margin Trading

Various types of trading strategies and markets are available in the crypto ecosystem. Binance, the world’s biggest exchange platform in terms of volume, is home to various markets: The spot market, futures/derivatives, and the margin market. Each of these trading environments comes with a significant amount of risk from low to high. Futures and margin markets making up the high-risk markets, while spot could be considered a lesser risk type when compared to other trade environments.

Trading Toolkits: How to Backtest

An efficient way to test your strategy before use on the live trading market is to check its profitability through backtesting. Backtesting a strategy is a very important tool that allows a trader to test a strategy with no risk.

Trading Toolkits: Risk-Reward Explained

The sole intention for trading for many traders is to make a profit. No matter the type of trade activities or the market involved, all trade activities come with an element of risk. Learning how to manage this risk or a potential loss associated with trading is also known as the Risk-Reward Ratio (R:R).

Trading ToolKits: Financial Risk Explained

There exist some elements of risk involved in any related financial ventures; trading or investing. Without risk management, losses are inevitable and financial growth would be stunted.

Trading Toolkits: Bear Markets Explained

No matter how much investors or traders loath the idea of a bear market, the market is significant and critically essential as it brings sanity to the market. The Bear market presents an incredible opportunity to stack your bags.

Trading Toolkits: Trading Journals and Logs Explained

The best strategy for a proficient trading style is to take on trading positions consistently and actively; the second is to keep and track all of your data correctly. Keeping a journal can be tasking and tedious, but you must stick to it for an overall healthy trading experience. 

Trading Toolkits: Arbitrage Trading Explained

No matter the trading style or strategy deployed, there exist some elements of risks. However, arbitrage trading is the “safest” form of trading where profit is wholly guaranteed when mastered.

Trading Toolkits: Shorting Explained

Shorting is profitable too but it can wreak havoc on an unknowledgeable trader’s account, causing a loss of funds in ways unimaginable.

Trading Toolkits: Scalping Explained

Although scalping may mean fast profits that compound in the long run, it’s perilous and discouraged for new market entrants.

Trading Toolkits: Order Types Explained

The first step to trading efficiency is the education on how to trade, and it starts by understanding order types.

Trading Toolkits: Technical Analysis Explained

Technical analysis (TA) has been used for close to a century and it is still used in modern-day markets, such as crypto markets.

What is Cryptocurrency Trading

Trading in terms of finance is the buying and selling of financial instruments. In these markets, traders buy low and sell high to achieve profit using a plethora of different tools and tactics.

Trading Toolkits: Swing Trading Explained

Swing trading is an excellent place for beginner traders to start. This is due to multiple reasons such as smaller position requirements, time efficiency, and it's arguably less stressful.
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