ApeSwap Delays Dragonary Initial Ape Offering Due to New IAO Vesting Proposal

The seventh Initial Ape Offering date with Dragonary has been shifted, but the new vesting process enacted by users’ votes remains unchanged.

Binance Plans to Close their Futures and Derivatives Product Offerings in More EU Countries

In what appears to be a bid to comply with prospective regulations, Binance has decided to close their Futures and Derivatives Product Offerings in yet more EU nations.

Baby Doge Crosses 500,000 Users, What is Next for the Meme Coin?

Baby Doge shows tremendous user and community growth following the last few weeks.

Binance.US Looks to Pursue Compliance While Innovating on Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain represents a unique opportunity for Binance.us to take on market share from competitors.


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Growth Defi is an emerging Binance Smart Chain protocol with a yield optimizer, defi focused fund, and soon to come money market and stable coin. Safe with the Growth Defi team joined Ben on the podcast to discuss the features and functionality that make Growth Defi truly unique.
RealFevr is working hard to bring video moments of your favorite football players to the NFT marketplace, with a gamified twist. Ben was joined by the CEO of Realfevr, Fred Antunes, to discuss their exciting product plans.
Jetfuel Finance is a cross chain AMM, Yield Farm, Money market, and launchpad covering both Binance Smart Chain and Polygon. Miro from the Jetfuel finance team joined Ben on the podcast to discuss the latest project updates.

Japanese Adult Film Actress and Internet Celebrity Eimi Fukada’s First NFT Will Debut at SCV Finance

The star power of Fukada is a promising note for the budding protocol.

PancakeSwap and CryptoBlades Team Up For Staking Proposal

The proposal looks primed to pass and set up a cross-over between two of the largest projects on BSC.

THORChain Releases a $500,000 Bug Bounty With Immunefi to Prevent Further Exploits

With a halted and limited running system, THORChain looks to resolve the issues on its chain with help from reputable sources.

Rewards Token - Living Up to Their Name

The platform seeks to offer a two-fold yield rewards system that distinguishes them from other yield farming platforms.

The Most Valuable Builder II Declares the Top 10 NFT Projects Building On Binance Smart Chain

The Most Valuable Builder (MVB) II program has undergone a two-phased process to whittle down the most exciting projects from 500+ to 10.

ApeSwap Announces IAO for NFT Gaming Protocol DragonaryGame

The exchange introduced a new vesting process for its 7th Initial Ape Offering featuring play-to-earn protocol DragonaryGame.