BNB Chain Spotlight: WenAirDrop

by BSC News

July 21, 2022


WenAirDrop discusses the growing NFT ecosystem on BNB Chain and the progress of his partner project, Main Street News Media.

Presenting WenAirdrop.NFT 

BNB Chain is the home of many Non-Fungible Token (NFT) enthusiasts and protocols in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space. Users have access to top NFT projects from individuals with a considerable interest in exploring unique designs and impacting the NFT space on the popular chain. 

BSC News helps bring these top NFT enthusiasts to users by holding short interview sessions. Previously, we reached out to Binance Rookie of the Year CryptoJones, who shared his thoughts about NFTs.

This time, we interviewed another top NFT enthusiast, Marcus Andrews, known as WenAirdrop.NFT

WenAirdrop is the Twitter Spaces host and Head of Business Development for NFT protocol Money Monkeys on BNB Chain. Money Monkeys is part of the Main Street News Media ecosystem, which connects real investors with real projects. He is also in partnership with Haddies Bay Club NFT, another promising protocol on BNB Chain. 

“I currently host Twitter Spaces and business development for an NFT project called the Money Monkeys. We are currently in the process of building and branding. I am also partnered with Haddie’s Bay Club, and we’ve got a lot of big things coming out there as well,” WenAirdrop told BSC News. 

Inspiration for the ‘WenAirDrop’ Name 

We asked Andrews about the origin of his screen name, WenAirDrop.

He said the name came from his time surfing on Unstoppable Domains, the number one provider of NFT domains and crypto addresses on the blockchain.

While looking for a domain name during Unstoppable Domain’s Black Friday sales event, he came across numerous comments from users asking “Wen Airdrop?” from the platform because they thought buying a domain would allow them to receive an airdrop. 

“I was just literally trying to find names to buy or domains to buy because of the buy one, get one free. And in the group, people were going crazy buying these domains because they thought they were going to get an airdrop as ENS did,” he said. “And so in the group, people kept asking “Wen airdrop? Wen airdrop? Wen airdrop?” There was like an autoresponder message that kept coming on. So I looked it up and saw that WenAirDrop was available.” 

WenAirDrop.NFT is a domain with an actual wallet address, as issued by Unstoppable Domains.

Main Street News Media and Money Monkeys NFT 

WenAirDrop’s partner project, Main Street News Media, aims to create a trust-based ecosystem to give reasons to invest in crypto and NFTs. It is a community-oriented news/media aggregator covering various blockchain topics and connecting investors to projects. 

The platform also has a native NFT collection called Money Monkeys. According to WenAirDrop, Main Street News Media wants to develop into a financial hub incorporating Money Monkeys as an investment fund. 

“At Main Street News Media, we do project AMAs, promotion, and marketing. We may look to expand further into incorporating a DEX, which is a big thing. We wanted to become a financial hub that incorporates the NFT as an investment fund. A lot of strategies that we are going to be implementing with the Money Monkeys. So, imagine like a Wall Street, but for degens,” Andrews said. 

Money Monkeys NFTs are a generative collection of unique pixel artworks in limited supply. Holders receive passive rewards in the protocol’s native currency, $MAINST. WenAirdrop spoke about the benefits of holding Money Monkeys NFTs, adding that the protocol yield-farms 100% of mint money and gives the profit to holders. 

“We put 100% of the mint money into a $BANANA farm. We yield-farm it. We give the profit that is generated each month back to the holders in the form of digital revenue. At some point, when we are done minting, we will use the money to invest in Web3 and generate real, actual profit and returns to our holders,” he said. 

Upcoming DAO and NFT Marketplace 

WenAirDrop disclosed that holders would also benefit from a DAO and an NFT marketplace after minting is complete. Users would utilize their funds to vote and create proposals for the project’s development. 

“We’re waiting until once we mint out, when we’re able to create the DAO and then put the use of funds to the vote and start creating proposals. We are also looking at integrating an NFT marketplace as well,” he said. 

Huge Fan of NFTs 

As a solid Twitter Spaces host who discusses Money Monkeys NFT, WenAirDrop strongly supports digital collectibles. He believes that NFTs are the future of entertainment. 

“I believe they’re the only assets you can ‘own’ on the blockchain besides Bitcoin, especially the ones with utility in relation to their topic,” Andrews said about NFTs. “The power of NFTs is the future of entertainment, I think, is the future. That’s why I’ve tried to invest everywhere possible, like anything that seems interesting.”


Partnership With Haddies Bay Club

As stated earlier, WenAirDrop is part of the Haddies Bay Club team. Although Haddies’ minting has been slow, he stated that the protocol plans to launch something exciting for holders. Haddies Bay Club will launch a “Save The Reefs Box” containing lobster products and market it to the public. 

Interestingly, some percentage of the profit made from the Box will go to Haddies’ holders and be used for reef conservation: 

“Ten percent of that box is actually going to be donated to a conservation trust that has to do with saving the reefs, which is why it's being branded the ‘Save The Reefs Box.’ But as an additional benefit, just because 15% of the Save the Reefs Box revenue is going into a pool, owners are going to be able to claim rewards. It’s going to be evenly distributed amongst Haddies’ holders, and that is pretty much the main utility of Haddies,” WenAirDrop told BSC News. 

With the Save The Reefs Box initiative, Haddies looks to create Web2 properties that generate revenue for its holders.


NFT Expoverse Plus Giveaway 

Main Street will be at the NFT Expoverse in Los Angeles at the end of July. The blockchain event brings together entrepreneurs, creators, and enthusiasts to unveil their projects related to Web3, DeFi, Decentralized Applications (dApp), metaverse, and more. 

The event will take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center from July 29-31, featuring numerous speakers in the blockchain space, including WenAirDrop. On July 29, Andrews will represent Main Street and speak on “Using NFTs to Create Your Unique Digital Identity in the Metaverse.” 

While speaking to BSC News, WenAirDrop disclosed that the main objective for Main Street’s appearance in the NFT Expoverse is to create awareness for its Gleam giveaway. The protocol plans to award free NFTs to participants and is working on integrating many top projects on BNB Chain. 

“The main objective when we come out here, we’re going to do this Gleam giveaway. Hopefully, we’re setting up our booth to try to attract people to it. We are going to put out a sign with ‘Free NFTs on it,’” Andrews said. “And we’re handing everybody a flyer that links to this Gleam that’s going to have as many partner projects as we can get on it. We’ve got quite a few already.” 

He also disclosed that the Main Street team would try to persuade users to mint a BNB Chain NFT and participate in the Gleam contest to win a free one. Further, the grand prize will be a top Money Monkeys NFT.

Some of the NFT partners include BitPunks, The Bull Society (TBS), PixelSweeper, Baked Potatoes, Haddies Bay Club, etc. The Gleam event will be launched during the NFT Expoverse.

BSC News will update you as the event in LA unfolds. 

Final Words 

WenAirDrop is an active supporter of the NFT ecosystem on BNB Chain. He strongly advocates for growing NFT protocols, like Money Monkeys and Haddies Bay Club. His appearance during the NFT Expoverse is one to look out for, and BSC News expects it to be a success for WenAirDrop and Main Street News Media. 

Learn more about the Main Street News Media platform through the following links: 

Website | Twitter

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