AIDoge Launchpad Goes Live: What's on Offer?

by BSC News

August 22, 2023


The launch of AIDOGE Launchpad is accompanied by two noteworthy events: the introduction of Spotlight Grants and the Community Contributor initiative.

AIDOGE Launchpad Unveiled

The AIDOGE Launchpad by ArbDoge AI has officially launched, marking a milestone for ArbDoge AI on August 22. With the launch comes a slew of features and opportunities. They are as follows:

Spotlight Grants

The launch is marked by two key events, the first being the introduction of Spotlight Grants. This initiative offers a pool of $10,000 in AIDOGE tokens to incentivize the development of high-quality projects on the AIDOGE Launchpad. 

The opportunity is open from August 22nd to August 29th, providing a platform for projects to stand out based on criteria such as market cap, community building, and unique addresses.

The rewards are as follows: For first place, the project would receive $5,000 in AIDOGE; for second place, $3,000; and for third place, $2,000 in AIDOGE.

Winners will be announced after the deadline, and the grant recipients will have the freedom to decide how to utilize their rewards for the betterment of their projects. The AIDOGE launchpad currently has four projects registered with 183 participants.

Community Contributor

The second facet of the launch celebration is the Community Contributor event. With a reward pool of $3,000 in AIDOGE, users who create introductions or tutorials about the AIDOGE Launchpad can secure their share of the rewards. 

A total of 10 winners will be chosen based on the impact and completeness of their contributions, with each winner receiving $300 in AIDOGE tokens. The winners of this event will be unveiled after the deadline.

The Spotlight Grants and Community Contributor initiatives draw from the unclaimed airdrop of $AIDOGE, offering participants a chance to engage with the platform and contribute meaningfully. 

Source: ArbDoge AI Twitter

Features of AIDOGE Launchpad

The AIDOGE Launchpad brings several noteworthy features. One of its salient features is that it accommodates projects across multiple networks, including Arbitrum, Ethereum Mainnet, BNB Chain, Optimism, and Linea. This wide range of support caters to diverse users.

Further, AIDOGE stakers receive exclusive benefits, with a minimum of 5% of every asset launched on the AIDOGE Launchpad reserved for them.

The platform generates revenue during the Turbo-Cooling Period and ad bidding, allocated for buybacks, team development, marketing, and distributions to stakeholders.

During the Turbo Cooling Period, if the mint count exceeds ten within a minute, subsequent Turbo Cooling Periods with higher extra fees will follow. 

In the event that the Mint count falls below ten within a minute, the launchpad will revert to the previous period until it returns to the non-Turbo-Cooling Period.

$AIDOGE is trading at $0.00000000006989, down 5.3% in 24 hours, according to CoinMarketcap.


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