ArbDoge AI Unveils AIDOGE Launchpad Launch Date and Tokenomics Plans

by BSC News

August 16, 2023


With support for multiple networks, including Arbitrum, Ethereum Mainnet, BNB Chain, Optimism, and Linea, AIDOGE launchpad aims to cast a wide net to accommodate diverse users.‍

AIDOGE Launchpad to Go Live Soon

ArbDoge AI is gearing up for a milestone as they prepare to launch their official AIDOGE Launchpad. The launch is set for August 22nd at 8:00 am (UTC).

AIDOGE Launchpad allows any individual to showcase their projects on the platform without jumping through barriers for permissions. Let's delve into some of the features of the AIDOGE Launchpad:

Multi-Chain Support: The AIDOGE Launchpad supports multiple networks, catering to diverse users on Arbitrum, Ethereum Mainnet, BNB Chain, Optimism, and Linea.

Staker Benefits: A minimum of 5% of every asset launched on the AIDOGE Launchpad will be reserved exclusively for AIDOGE stakers. 

Mint Participation: To unlock participation in Mint, there's a straightforward requirement: hold a specific amount of $AIDOGE in your wallet. 

Turbo-Cooling Period Fees: The revenue generated during the Turbo-Cooling Period is designated for various purposes, each with its share. Half of the income goes toward AIDOGE buybacks and distributions to stakeholders, while 20% fuels team development and marketing. The remaining 30% is converted to $ARB and entrusted to AICODE holders.

Turbo-Cooling Periods are activated when more than ten tokens mint in a minute, imposing additional minting fees. A subsequent Turbo-Cooling Period with higher extra fees will follow if the Mint count exceeds ten within a minute during this period. 

Ad Bidding: The rules governing ad revenue mirror those of Turbo-Cooling Period fees, ensuring fairness across the board.

Once the official AIDOGE Launchpad reaches stability, the AI team plans to launch a new tokenomics and supporting product proposal approximately 45-50 days after the proposal's approval.

The Upcoming Tokenomics Evolution

Here's a sneak peek at what's on the horizon:

$AICODE Token Contract Upgrade: A resumption of $AICODE burning mining and trading mining mechanism is in store. The total $AICODE supply will reset to 21,000,000 tokens. Current $AICODE holders will receive six new $AICODE tokens for each existing one.

Enhanced Staking: Staking gains a boost with the introduction of a lock time option. The duration of lock time directly influences the staking weight, offering flexibility while preserving balance.

GameFi Unleashed: A plan to launch a simpler GameFi as a precursor to more complex offerings. $AIDOGE on-chain trading will become a prerequisite to participate in the game.

NFT Quest: Engaging in the gaming experience requires acquiring NFTs through on-chain $AIDOGE trading. Notably, 50% of royalty distribution from this NFT collection will benefit AIDO stakers.

ArbDoge AI ($AIDOGE) is trading at $0.00000000008855, down 12% in a day.


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