JPMorgan Predicts SEC's Robinhood Notice Won't Block Ethereum ETF Approvals

by BSC News

May 9, 2024


Despite the SEC's aggressive regulatory approach, analysts believe that it won't prevent the eventual approval of Ethereum ETFs.

In a detailed analysis, JPMorgan analysts, led by Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou, have expressed confidence that the recent Wells notice issued by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to Robinhood Crypto for alleged unregistered security offerings will not prevent the approval of spot Ether exchange-traded funds (ETFs). 


This report from JPMorgan highlights an important point: the SEC's action against Robinhood is part of a broader, assertive approach to regulating cryptocurrencies, treating them as securities except for Bitcoin and Ether. 


However, the team clarified:


"In our opinion, it does not look like the Wells notice should pose an obstacle to an eventual approval by the SEC of spot Ethereum ETFs, although perhaps not as soon as this month." 


This perspective indicates that while immediate approval is unlikely, the path remains open for future approval.

Ethereum ETF Approval Path

The analysts draw a parallel with the Bitcoin ETF scenario, where after initial rejections, futures-based ETFs were approved, setting a legal and regulatory precedent. They argue that a similar trajectory could be expected for Ethereum. 


Should the SEC deny the spot ETFs for Ethereum, it might face legal challenges that could potentially end in favor of the ETF proponents, much as it occurred with Bitcoin.


Worth noting, the SEC's Wells Notice to Robinhood importantly does not classify Ethereum as a security. This omission leaves Ethereum's regulatory classification to future legislation and court rulings. 


Panigirtzoglou suggests that Ethereum might eventually be categorized in a "middle" area between commodities and securities, reflecting its unique position in the digital asset landscape.

Market Impact and Strategic Moves by Grayscale

Despite potential regulatory hurdles, the market might not be greatly affected if a spot Ether ETF is not approved soon. 


JPMorgan notes that the current discount on the Grayscale Ethereum Trust indicates a lack of immediate market interest in Ethereum ETFs. Moreover, Grayscale has withdrawn its application for an Ether futures ETF, likely opting to focus on converting its existing Ethereum trust into a spot ETF, indicating a move towards more favorable regulatory conditions.


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