Ubisoft’s First Web3 Game Champion Tactics: What is it About?

by BSC News

July 24, 2023


'Champion Tactics' will be launched on the Oasys network, marking Ubisoft's commitment to harnessing the potential of blockchain in gaming.


  • Ubisoft unveils 'Champion Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles' - their first-ever Web3 title.
  • Teaser showcases a mysterious world with mythical champions and tactical battles.
  • The game will launch on the Oasys network, a gaming-friendly blockchain with promising potential.
  • Previous blockchain gaming attempts faced challenges, but Ubisoft embraces the future of Web3.

Introducing Champion Tactics

Ubisoft, the powerhouse behind some of the most beloved video game franchises, unveiled its exciting new venture - 'Champion Tactics.' This isn't just another run-of-the-mill game; it's Ubisoft's first-ever Web3 title, harnessing the power of blockchain technology to take play-to-earn gaming to new heights.

With games like Watch Dogs, Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, and Immortals Fenyx Rising, Ubisoft has established itself as one of the most successful video game companies globally. As they step into decentralized gaming with 'Champion Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles,' they signal an exciting shift into the world of blockchain.

While the final release date is still under wraps, hints suggest that Ubisoft plans to unveil the game sometime in 2023, building anticipation among eager players. But what exactly is 'Champion Tactics’ all about, and why is it generating so much buzz? Let's find out!

What Champion Tactics is All About

While Ubisoft has kept some details under wraps, the excitement is already building as players await the launch of this groundbreaking Web3 title.

Despite not yet revealing screenshots, a teaser trailer suggests a world inspired by physical tabletop games, adding a unique charm to gameplay. As shown in the trailer, the silhouettes with figure-line shapes evoke a desire to explore Grimoria's dark and mysterious world. 

Further, Ubisoft's official description suggests that players will embark on a journey to discover the legends in Grimoria. With every battle won, new mythical champions and hidden stories will be unveiled, adding depth and excitement to your quest. Moreover, the game combines tactical strategy, competitive gameplay, and true ownership of in-game assets to offer players a unique experience.

The icing on the cake is that 'Champion Tactics' will be launched on the Oasys network, making it the first game to run on this gaming-friendly blockchain. Oasys has already captured the interest of top gaming companies like Bandai Namco, Sega, and Square Enix, ensuring a promising gaming environment for Ubisoft's latest creation.

Players will access this thrilling Web3 adventure through a desktop application, which offers seamless and convenient gameplay. And that's not all! 

The official website has teased a free drop during the game's launch, hinting at the possibility of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or in-game tokens offered for free. While Ubisoft hasn't explicitly confirmed a "free-to-play" label, the anticipation for what this free drop will entail continues to grow.

Ubisoft's Earlier Attempts at Web3

Ubisoft has previously experimented with incorporating blockchain technology into their games before releasing 'Champion Tactics.'

One notable attempt was in 2021 when they added NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) to their game, Ghost Recon. The move sparked intense reactions from the gaming community, with some fans expressing overwhelming criticism. Unfortunately, the NFT integration didn't resonate with players, resulting in minimal NFT sales and the eventual shutdown of the project.

Ubisoft also ventured into the realm of blockchain gaming with 'Project Q.' Although this team-based game wasn't explicitly marketed as a Web3 game, it incorporated blockchain terms during its development. Again, this inclusion drew mixed reactions from fans, especially those skeptical about NFTs. In April 2022, Ubisoft announced the cancellation of 'Project Q.' 

Despite the challenges faced, the gaming industry's Web3 revolution continued to gain momentum. Companies like Square Enix and Epic Games embraced the potential of blockchain and ventured into new Web3 titles while integrating blockchain features into familiar traditional gaming platforms.

Embracing Web3, the Future of Gaming

The current bear market in the crypto space has not deterred companies like Ubisoft from exploring the possibilities of Web3. Instead, it seems that businesses are recognizing the exciting opportunities Web3 offers and how it can further drive the success of their gaming ventures.

While some may argue that Web3 is dead or that the bear market is giving way to a bullish resurgence, the truth lies in how companies perceive and act upon these trends. Observing the decisions of gaming companies entering the Web3 arena, it becomes clear that there is more to this shift than meets the eye.

Although Ubisoft's past experiences with blockchain elements and NFTs in games such as Ghost Recon and Project Q garnered mixed reactions, 'Champion Tactics' represents a dedicated effort to embrace blockchain technology.

Undoubtedly, Ubisoft's massive player base has not always proven receptive to blockchain integration, and the company has faced scrutiny for its inclusion of micro-transactions in games. However, this latest project has the potential to bring something fresh and innovative to the gaming industry.

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