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Sunflower Land Expands Metaverse With Sunflower Isles

Players can start exploring other areas of the Sunflower Land Metaverse apart from their farms and the goblin village once land expansion arrives.

Preview of Sunflower Metaverse

Players of the popular farming simulation blockchain game Sunflower Land will be glad to know that they can interact with a much wider metaverse outside their farm soon.

Land expansion in Sunflower Land was teased by releasing a map of the metaverse through a tweet on Sept. 16. The feature has been continually teased since the beta launch of the game. The developers wanted to slowly introduce the experiences based on live data they get from the community.

The current version of the game gives players access only to Sunflower Land and Goblin Village, but players will be able to explore the different islands once land expansion comes.

“This is the direction the game is going and a lot of exciting gameplay mechanics are going to come into,” CEO Adam Hannigan, said in a Twitch stream. “[Sunflower Isles] is what is referred to as land expansion [where players] start with one island that can be expanded to discover new resources and buildings.”

The team gave an update on the progress of Sunflower Isles, the feature that will introduce land expansion. So far, the developers have completed NFT land generation, expansion and customization, building construction and rare item placements, and random resource generation. The next items they’re working on are other buildings and resources, decorations, and level gated islands.

Sunflower Land currently is at war and has been continuously introducing new features, like the ability to bake a cake, into their ecosystem. The team also announced that they’re working on a dynamic profile picture NFT project that interconnects with the entire game.

“When the war ends and land expansion begins, players will be able to explore into the Sunflower Isles,” Hannigan told BSCNews. “You can expand your land without limits and explore surrounding islands. This map is essentially a preview of the new Sunflower Metaverse. Players will have more content and areas to explore as the grow and level up their Bumpkin!”

Check out Sunflower Land’s latest dev stream or read their whitepaper for more information.

What is Sunflower Land:

Sunflower land is a farming simulation PlayToOwn blockchain gaming project built on the Polygon network. It is a metaverse that reflects real-life economic principles of supply and demand, with an in-game mechanic that makes resources more scarce over time. In addition, it is a community-developed project where each item in the game can be owned on the Polygon chain, enabling users to collect valuable NFTs and trade them on platforms like OpenSea.

Where to find Sunflower Land:

Website | Twitter | Discord | GitHub | Whitepaper |

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