Sunflower Land Gears Up for War

by BSC News

August 22, 2022


Sunflower Land players are gearing up for a war between Humans and Goblins that will start on Sept. 5.

Choose Your Side

Tensions are high in Sunflower Land, a PlayAndOwn blockchain farming simulation on Polygon, as the Goblin War is about to break out.

A tweet on Aug. 20 announced the start of the war on Sept. 5. Farmers become key players in this war while they choose a side to support throughout the duration of the event. Both Goblins and Humans need resources to fuel their war efforts and this is where each player comes in. Players will support their chosen faction by supplying the needed resources through weekly challenges in the game.

“We continue to push the boundaries on what is possible [for Sunflower Land],” Steve Woody, Sunflower Land Advisor, told BSCNews. “This is our first community leaderboard event and the team is excited to see everyone show up.”

Weekly challenges can be completed multiple times a week and yield players War Bonds, a new event currency which can be used to redeem exclusive items. A total of eight items will be available throughout this event, four of which affect the statistics of a player's farm. The other half are limited-edition Bumpkin rare clothing NFTs, each with a supply ranging from 250 to 1,000.

Special rewards await the winning faction and the warrior with the top contribution to the war efforts. The war will continue till the land expansion gets released, somewhere around October or November. Check out Sunflower land’s whitepaper for more details.

What Is Sunflower Land:

Sunflower land is a farming simulation PlayToOwn blockchain gaming project built on the Polygon network. It is a metaverse that reflects real-life economic principles of supply and demand, with an in-game mechanic that makes resources more scarce over time. In addition, it is a community-developed project where each item in the game can be owned on the Polygon chain, enabling users to collect valuable NFTs and trade them on platforms like OpenSea.

Where to find Sunflower Land:

Website | Twitter | Discord | GitHub | Whitepaper |

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