SkyArk Chronicles Secures $15 Million in Funding Led by Binance Labs

by BSC News

January 12, 2024


The investment comes after Binance selected SkyArk Studios to represent Singapore in Incubation Season 3.

SkyArk Chronicles, a self-claimed AAA gaming platform, has raised $15 million in a funding round led by Binance Labs. The funding round also saw participation from notable investors such as VividThree, GuildFi, Jambo, BreederDAO, and LayerZero CEO Bryan Pellegrino, Tangent Ventures co-founder Wangarian, and Story Protocol CEO S.Y. Lee.

This funding success follows Binance's strategic selection of SkyArk Studios to represent Singapore from a pool of over 1000+ applicants in Binance Incubation Season 3 in late 2021. 

Behind the Scenes: SkyArk Chronicles and Its Team

According to the SkyArk website, the gaming platform boasts a team of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in AAA game studios. Their goal is to build the best Web 3.0 game experience for players.

At the core of SkyArk Chronicles is its AAA fantasy JRPG Game with Interoperable NFTs. The gaming platform presents a trilogy comprising two GameFi titles, "House of Heroes" and "Legends Arise," alongside a SocialFi Metaverse.

The focal point is the Guild "Airship" (NFT), enabling guild leaders to recruit members and foster collaboration through group events, missions, and adventures, with rewards for active participation.

The SkyArkVerse: A Multiverse Crafted by Satoshi Nakamoto

SkyArk Chronicles introduces players to the SkyArkVerse, a multiverse crafted by the mythical god, Satoshi Nakamoto. This expansive realm includes monsters, heroes, fantastical landscapes, and urban realms. Players can explore into ownership of SkyLands, SkyHeroes, SkyLegends, and more across the multiverse, each offering unique opportunities for exploration and expansion.

SkyLands serve as a canvas for players to build their fantasy castle worlds, each plot of land featuring different sizes, types of buildings, and special rewards waiting to be uncovered.

Building on the BNB Chain with Multichain Operations in the Pipeline

The SkyArk Chronicles Trilogy will be hosted on the BNB Chain. However, plans are already underway for multichain operations, allowing for broader accessibility and scalability.

As part of its ecosystem, SkyArk will introduce two tokens, $SAR and $REO. These tokens will play a pivotal role across the SkyArk Metaverse, facilitating transactions and interactions within the gaming platform.

Binance Labs' Strategic Investments in 2023

Binance Labs' decision to lead SkyArk Chronicles' funding round mirrors its steadfast commitment to investing in a wide variety of projects throughout 2023. Some notable projects from their portfolio include Radiant Capital, Xterio, Helio Protocol, Curve DAO, and Delphinus Lab.


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