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Radio Caca Impresses Through Q2

RACA’s new Jaz blockchain is in public testing. The network has already shown signs of outperforming the transaction speeds of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Solid Progress on BNB Chain 

Despite the bearish market environment, Radio Caca (RACA), the home of the United States of Mars (USM) 3D Metaverse, continues to make significant progress on BNB Chain

The protocol recorded several achievements during the second quarter of 2022, including expanding its USM metaverse. In response to an inquiry from BSC News, Radio Caca CEO Jeff Watney said the success reflects the team’s effort in developing its ecosystem. 

“This result is a reflection of our work in developing our community-oriented products. The digital world we are building with the ecosystem is an open world focused on the main principles of Web3: Freedom and community,” Watney told BSC News. 
Source, as the platform calls it, has recorded over 109,000 users. Additionally, the metaverse registered more than 45,000 wallet addresses during the bear market. RACA also announced that the first major concert would go live in August 2022. 

Additionally, its GameFi platform, Metamon World, recorded over 500,000 Metamon characters, encompassing 20,806 players worldwide. RACA also launched the Public Beta test of its new Metacasa 2D GameFi metaverse within

Watney said the official version of Metacasa will be released soon, as well as a new network – Jaz blockchain – that will power the metaverse. 

“There are still a lot of updates that we will release on Metamon. We cannot forget about our 2D metaverse Metacasa, which will have its official version released. We are in the public testing phase. We also launched public testing for the Jaz network, which will be our blockchain facing the metaverse. It has already accumulated more than 80 nodes and more than 1,000 tps, surpassing Bitcoin and Ethereum (PoW),” Watney said.  

Another achievement is the protocol’s RACA Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace which generated significant activity. As of July 8, the marketplace exceeded 718 billion $RACA in total trading volume, representing up to $1.46 billion and approximately 2.55 million transactions. The NFT marketplace is sixth on Dappradar’s 30-day BNB Chain rankings as of publication.’s Summer Concert is one of the largest metaverses in the crypto space. The RACA 3D metaverse boasts a team of high-profile personalities, Olympic champions, and scientists, including top musician and entrepreneur French Montana. 

As stated earlier, the dual-chain metaverse now has over 109,000 users since its inception in early 2022. Further, USM has around 28,000 active monthly users, with a supply of 1 million lands supporting 1 billion residents. The USM metaverse is a large ecosystem comprising the RACA NFT marketplace, Metamom World game, and the recently launched 2D GameFi metaverse, Matacasa. 

While the platform continues innovating and developing on BNB Chain, the team introduced numerous competitions for residents. Users within the metaverse participated in swimming, motorcycle racing, and volcano climbing competitions. RACA published a Medium post on July 21 summarizing the event. 

The latest event to hit the metaverse is a live concert in partnership with Apollo Theater, featuring top Japanese voice actresses Anna Suzuki, Emi Nitta, and Aya Uchida. The “Summer Fantasy” event will go live on August 5 at the USM Bowl at 12:00 UTC. Read the event’s details in RACA’s Medium post.

RACA Live Concert 

Bull or Bear, ‘Nothing Will Shake Our Plans’ 

RACA seeks to keep building on BNB Chain, regardless of general market conditions, as evidenced by the protocol’s numbers, particularly on According to Watney, nothing will hinder the team’s plans to develop an industry-leading ecosystem. 

“Our goal is to build a community-oriented ecosystem, and we will do that, no matter if the market is bullish or bearish. Nothing will shake our plans to help transform,” Watney said. 

What is Radio Caca: 

Radio Caca is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that aims to build a new virtual world and the infrastructure around it. One of its projects, the United States of Mars (USM) metaverse, is a three-dimensional planet where users can own land, build homes, and play games. Radio Caca is the native token for the Universal Metaverse. Radio Caca is also the exclusive manager of “Maye Musk Mystery Box” a.k.a. MPB NFT. USM Lab is the creator of the Universal Metaverse(USM) and the P2E blockchain game Metamon. The USM is a 3D Planet virtual world where users can socialize, own lands, build buildings such as stores and art galleries, and create and play games.

For more information about Radio Caca, see these links:

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