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New MoonPets NFT Collection Proving Popular Among MoonPass Holders

There are only 320 NFTs remaining from the collection of 5,565.

New Moon Rising

MoonPets has created a new collection of NFTs that can be claimed by holders of Moon Passes.

Launched on Aug. 11, the new collection features a range of pets with different accessories such as glasses, caps or headwear, pet collars and more.

The MoonPets team said, “We wanted to create something new and fun, while giving back to the Pancake Squad community. The team came together because of that collection, and we really like thinking of MoonPets as a community project, by Sqauddies for Squaddies.”

As of publication, 320 of the 5,565 NFTs were still available to mint.

Users can interact with their NFTs as soon as they mint. They can view the NFTs, transfer them and even have limited customization available within their Profile page.

“We were also inspired by video games and the way you could customize your characters. Imagine a game where you own your character, and its assets. It would be pretty cool, right? I'm not saying that we're a video game, but you never know what the future holds,” the team said.

Moon Pass holders have another week left to redeem their pets.

“The long-term vision is to keep innovating, having fun, and bringing value to holders. We don't have a public roadmap, but we're always working on our next steps,” the team said.

What Is MoonPets: 

MoonPets is a new NFT collection on BNB Chain that can be redeemed by holders of the protocol’s Moon Passes.

Visit the following pages to learn more about the platform:

Website | Twitter | Telegram 

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