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Most Profitable Accounts

Among the top accounts, Cobie takes the lead with $144.4k (81.94 ETH) in royalties, closely followed by the founder, 0xRacerAlt, with $101.7k (58.04 ETH). HsakaTrades secures the third spot with $100.6k (57.06 ETH). 

A Look into the Rising Stars of Friendtech

In just 12 days since its invite-only beta test launch, has ignited a buzz within the crypto and social media landscapes. This innovative decentralized app, built on Coinbase's Base layer-2 blockchain, has reeled in an impressive number of users, capturing the attention of influential figures from cryptocurrency, sports, and even entertainment. 

Let's delve into the success of the most profitable accounts and the fascinating dynamics that have unfolded since its inception.

Leading the Pack: Top Accounts

Coingecko's recent research report places the spotlight on the most profitable accounts, revealing a captivating hierarchy of earnings. 

Cobie emerges as the reigning champion, amassing a remarkable $144.4k (81.94 ETH) in royalties. A close second is the founder of himself, 0xRacerAlt, who has garnered $101.7k (58.04 ETH). Securing the third spot is HsakaTrades, with an impressive $100.6k (57.06 ETH) in earnings.

As we delve deeper into the data, it becomes evident that's success isn't limited to a select few. A range of earners, with profits spanning from $14.9k to $75.5k, populate the ranks of the top accounts. 

The average daily earnings for these individuals lie between $1.2k to $6.3k, which projects an astonishing annualized range of $453.2k to $2.3 million, assuming current earning levels persist.

Early Adoption Pays Off

The prominent figures—Cobie, 0xRacerAlt, and HsakaTrades—collectively contribute a substantial 34.6% of the total royalties within the top 25 accounts. A significant number, 16 out of 25, swiftly established their profiles within the platform's first three days, boasting an account age of 10-12 days. 

Although the initial landscape was dominated by Crypto Twitter  (CT) accounts, a captivating shift is occurring. The rise of non-CT figures, exemplified by Faze Banks, 100T Nadeshot, and Faze Rain from the esports industry, has caught attention. In a remarkable feat, these individuals earned $75.5k (44.91 ETH), $27.6k (16.38 ETH), and $19.8k (11.81 ETH), respectively, within a single day of joining


Tokenizing Likeness allows users to convert their online personas into tradable assets. By selling "shares" of themselves, users transform their followers into shareholders, establishing a direct line of communication while sharing in their success. This approach has sparked the interest of illustrious personalities like NBA player Grayson Allen, trading guru RookieXBT, and notable "Crypto Twitter" figures, including Frank DeGods and gainzy222.

ETH Buy/Sell Volume Source: Dune Analytics (@cryptokoryo)

Within 12 days, has managed to amass an impressive volume of 43,735 ether, translating to approximately $72.3 million across an astounding 1.29 million transactions. 

Worth noting that the platform operates under a fee structure, where a total of 10% in fees is levied per transaction. This split involves 5% directed towards and the remaining 5% granted to the account holder, fostering a symbiotic relationship that incentivizes platform growth and account holder success.

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