Base’s Hot New App: What is Friend Tech?

by BSC News

August 21, 2023

chain, endorsed by Base Network, is tipped to become a leading platform in the decentralized social ecosystem.


  •, is a social Decentralized Application (dApp) on Base network, integrating finance with decentralized socialization.
  • Users can connect, share, and manage exclusive chat rooms, with top-tier security powered by MPC key tech.
  • In its beta stage, offers point airdrops every Friday and unique features, including buying shares. 
  • Endorsed by Base Network, the platform is anticipated to revolutionize the decentralized social ecosystem.

Introducing is not just another social application. It is the first-ever viral social Decentralized Application (dApp) developed on the Base network. This groundbreaking platform was launched by a team highly skilled in onchain social techniques. It seamlessly combines the worlds of finance and socialization.

The application allows users to engage with their community in a completely decentralized fashion, free from centralized control, yet enjoying top-notch security powered by MPC key tech. This is what promises and delivers. Through this app, users can:

- Connect with their most valued acquaintances.

- Let their community discover and share content with them.

- Manage and participate in exclusive chat rooms.

Getting Started with

Despite being in its beta stage, the application is already making waves. Users can effortlessly sign in using their mobile device using phone number, Google ID, or Apple ID. However, new users need an invite code from an existing user and link their Twitter accounts to start their decentralized social journey.

To spice things up, is generously airdropping points to its users during the first six months of the beta test. Expect your points every Friday, starting from the 18th of August. And if you're wondering about the worth of these points, keep an eye out! The protocol's official X page teases a special purpose for these points post-beta.

Further, while participating in these airdrops, activity counts only until Thursday at 11:59pm UTC. Though the criteria may change weekly, encourages genuine app usage without chasing after points. Users are also reassured that any point distribution discrepancies will be addressed.

Enhancing the User Experience doesn't stop at mere chatting. The application offers the intriguing opportunity to buy shares. Doing so not only amplifies your owned reward points received during the Friday airdrops but also allows you to tap into an activity feed of your held shares. There is also a Trending list based on the most trades in the past 24 hours. And if you ever want to jump into a chat, a conveniently placed button ensures you're just one tap away.

For those thinking about how to fund their in-app wallet, the team has introduced a user-friendly interface for their official Ethereum to Base Network bridge. By simply visiting from any device with any web3 wallet, users can quickly access their account and deposit funds to purchase shares.

A Bright Future Ahead

It's not just users who are raving about The Base Network itself has shown robust support for the decentralized social application. 

"Designed to give you the power of your network in your hands, we’re excited to see the potential of onchain social like @friendtech. We can't wait to see what they (and other dapps working on decentralized social) will build next," Base wrote on the X app. 

The endorsement from such a significant player in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) industry signifies the promising trajectory is set upon. 


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