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METAPIXEL Launches Beta Testing for Gran Saga, Taking Its First Step Towards a Web3 Gaming Ecosystem

This first testing phase does not include Web3 features, and the second and third phases are scheduled for Q2 2023 and later in 2023, respectively. 

MMORPG Game on Aptos

METAPIXEL launches its gaming platform in Beta on March 23 as part of the first Community Test for Gran Saga: Unlimited (GSU). The Beta will continue until April 13.

The GameFi protocol invited 500 community testers to test Gran Saga and provide feedback so the protocol could outline future phases of testing.

Participants needed to obtain a Gran Saga: Unlimited On-chain Achievement Token (GSU OAT) from the protocol's prior Galxe campaign to submit an entry to become a community tester.

“We are thrilled to present the first glimpse of the premier gaming experience we want to deliver to everyone through METAPIXEL,” The Metapixel team stated. “This beta release marks the first step in METAPIXEL’s journey to becoming a true web3 gaming ecosystem.”

During the test, METAPIXEL introduced the world of GSU, demonstrated core gameplay, and provided a preview of the game platform. This test phase of Gran Saga: Unlimited testing will not include Web3 features.

Aptos has also partnered with METAPIXEL to organize the Aptos x METAPIXEL gaming cafe to promote Gran Saga.

As reported, GSU's second phase of testing will take place in Q2 of 2023, allowing testers to explore more of the game and increasing the overall number of testers.

There will be a third testing phase before the official GSU launch later in 2023, which will reportedly involve an even greater number of testers. You can learn about the testing specifications here.



METAPIXEL recently opened access to anyone to grab the METAPIXEL Early Adopter Non-Fungible Token (NFT) on Topaz's NFT marketplace. The METAPIXEL Early Adopter NFT can be claimed by signing up for the METAPIXEL website and completing a few simple missions. 

According to the protocol, owning the METAPIXEL Early Adopter NFT increases the chances of being selected for the second playtest of Gran Saga: Unlimited, and provides various other benefits within the METAPIXEL ecosystem. The event started on March 13 and will continue until April 13.

The company also recently announced several strategic partnerships with some of the world's leading communities and organizations in web3 gaming, the likes of GuildFi, Ancient8, and more, to expand its global reach.


METAPIXEL is a gaming ecosystem built on the Aptos network to bring MMORG fantasy Web3 games. According to the team, METAPIXEL's greatest strength is NPIXEL's expertise in developing world-class games. NPIXEL is a game company known for becoming the fastest unicorn in the Korean gaming industry's history. The first game that Metapixel will bring is Gran Saga, followed by the upcoming Chrono Odyssey.

Learn more about Metapixel:

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