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Loaded Nodes Aims to Build a Sustainable Ecoystem on Cronos Chain

Loaded Nodes is an innovative yield farming protocol built on Cronos Chain. Here's what you need to know about the project, set to launch Oct. 13.

Loaded Nodes, a New Cronos Chain Project

In the hyperactive crypto market, many degens seek out the highest APY in the shortest amount of time, more often than not leading to projects that spike in activity then collapse. A new yield farming protocol on Cronos Chain, called Loaded Nodes, is taking a different approach, one of slower-but-steady growth, aimed at sustainability.

True to its name, Loaded Nodes will allow users to earn returns by creating one or more nodes on their Decentralized Application (dApp). The nodes have a “lifetime” of 300 days, during which time the owners can claim yields in the form of the project’s token LDN.

The project’s Oct. 13 launch is to be followed by other features such as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that can be used to boost rewards, reduce claim fees or reduce claim times.

Loaded Nodes Founder and Marketing Director Mieudonnet Romain told BSC News:

“I feel a bit stressed as every founder does before a launch! But at the same time am excited. We are confident about our launch despite the bear market because we are prepared well. We already have the NFT marketplace ready, and will release it a few weeks after the launch.”

In the longer term, Loaded Nodes aims to become a node validator on Cronos and other blockchains, and invest in real estate, according to the project’s whitepaper.

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