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Exploring BRC-20: Top Five NFTs Building on Bitcoin Network

Presenting the top five NFT collections on Bitcoin Blockchain according to Magic Eden.


  • Bitcoin network introduces BRC-20 standard for NFT development, expanding beyond Ethereum.
  • Top five NFT projects building on the Bitcoin network: Bitcoin Frogs, DogePunks, Misprints, BTC DeGods, and NPC Ordinals.
  • Each collection offers unique digital assets stored securely on the Bitcoin blockchain.
  • These projects showcase the potential of NFTs on Bitcoin, with significant trading volumes and sales recorded in the last 30 days.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have taken the digital world by storm, revolutionizing how we perceive and trade digital assets in the blockchain industry. While Ethereum has been the primary blockchain platform for NFT development, the Bitcoin network has now entered the fray with its unique standard called BRC-20

This article will delve into the top five NFT projects building on the Bitcoin network and explore the potential they bring to the NFT ecosystem. Important metrics would be obtained from Magic Eden and OrdinalHub. Further, all the NFTs listed in this article can be purchased on Magic Eden. 

Bitcoin Frogs

Bitcoin Frogs, as the name implies, is a collection of 10,000 generative frogs on the Layer1 blockchain, with several unique traits and designs. The floor price of each NFT on Magic Eden is worth approximately 0.08 BTC ($2,000+). 

According to OrdinalHub, the total volume of Bitcoin Frogs NFTs traded across numerous marketplaces is over $11M in the last 30 days. The collection is also close to recording 10,000 sales in the NFT space. 


DogePunks is a unique collection of NFTs blending the legendary CryptoPunk theme with the iconic Doge meme. Each artwork is unique, with proof of ownership stored on the Bitcoin Blockchain. 

The design comes in different varieties, including normal, zombie, ape, and alien DogePunks. Further, each digital piece has its own unique trait. 

The floor price for DogePunks is 0.0155 BTC ($421), and the total volume of NFTs traded in the last 30 days is over $2M. In addition, the collection has recorded 10,000 sales within this period, representing a significant milestone in the Bitcoin NFT space. 


Although the Misprints collection looks very much like Bitcoin Frogs, it is not affiliated with the collection. The floor price is 0.0141 BTC ($383). 

The total volume of Misprints NFTs traded in the last 30 days is over $1M with 2172 sales. 

BTC DeGods 

BTC DeGods is arguably the biggest NFT collection on the Layer1 blockchain. It is a digital art collection and global community of creators, developers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and more. 

The floor price of each unique digital piece is worth 1.05 BTC, with over $1M in volume traded in the last 30 days. Apart from trading the collection on supported marketplaces, DeGods NFTs can also be staked to earn rewards on the website, offering users passive income. 

NPC Ordinals

NPC Ordinals is a collection of 10,000 NPCs on the Bitcoin blockchain with a floor price of 0.0027 BTC ($73) and over 8,000 sales across numerous marketplaces in the last 30 days. 

Other notable mentions on the Bitcoin blockchain include Bitamigos, Bitcoin Punks, Battle of BTC, Neo Yauto, Pepe & Pepita, and Bixels. BSC News recommends visiting OrdinalHub for NFT analytics on the Bitcoin blockchain. 

As the NFT space continues to evolve, these projects are at the forefront, bringing unique and exciting experiences to collectors, artists, and enthusiasts alike. The future of NFTs on the Bitcoin network looks promising as more developers and innovators explore new possibilities of digital assets through the BRC-20 framework. 

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