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Cube Chain: A New Layer 1 Ready for Lift-Off

Huobi funds a new EVM-compatible blockchain looking to bring fresh ideas and solve old problems.

Cube Angles for Success

Layer 1 blockchain Cube launched its mainnet on June 6, offering a novel alternative for projects dabbling in Web3.

  • In a space where different chains are becoming more interdependent, Cube Chain proposes a high-performance modular blockchain that supports multi-chain dApps
  • Cube is compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), supporting a seamless migration of applications within the ecosystem.
  • Cube currently processes around 3,000 TPS and is expected to exceed 5,000 by September 2022.
  • Top exchange Huobi Global invested heavily in the chain development under a $1 billion DeFi and Web3 investment strategy.
  • Capricorn Finance, the first AMM built on Cube, already reached $200 million in Total Value Locked (TVL).
Source: Cubechain News

With all this excitement building up, Cube Chain's native coin, $CUBE, saw over 100% price growth within 15 days after launch. Now the price has fallen back to those previous launch levels.

The community is eager to see how the chain starts expanding. Cubechain News will be following along, bridging users and all new projects emerging.

Cubechain News reached out to the Cube team to learn more about the chain's goals and ambitions in the space but got no response.

What is Cube Chain:

Cube claims to be the world's first Web3 blockchain and the best performing EVM-compatible blockchain. The chain uses a randomized delegated proof of stake (DPOS) consensus mechanism, "Chaos Consensus, " to increase the system's decentralization. In addition, Cube adopts a modular architecture specially designed for scalability and expansion.

Where to find Cube Chain:

Website | Twitter | Whitepaper

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