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Clash of Moland Headlines MOBOX's Week of Updates

Clash of Moland Alpha will be available till Aug. 25th.

Alpha Release

MOBOX, a PlayAndEarn blockchain game built on BNB Chain, released the Alpha version of their new game mode called Clash of Moland.

The release was announced through Twitter on Aug. 10 as the team gave some highlights on what to expect from the Alpha. Tokens will not be available for deposits or withdrawals during the Alpha, but testers will receive 2,000 $MBOX and 20,000 $MEC test tokens every 24 hours.

The team did allocate a total of 1,200 $MBOX and 12,000 $MEC across various leaderboards during the test. The alpha will be available to testers until Aug. 25.


The team created a Twitter thread on Aug. 13 to gather general sentiments from the community about their new game mode.

BSCNews reached out to MOBOX for comments but received no response. 

Clash of Moland headlines a week of MOBOX updates to various game modes. Among them were the ChainZ Arena MOBOX Edt S9 update, MOLand Defense S9 update, and the MOMOverse update. The team also burned 425,367 $MBOX tokens worth around 325,000 $BUSD.

Check out MOBOX’s community announcement to get more information on their new game mode, Clash of Moland.


What Is MOBOX? 

MOBOX is a Play-to-Earn GameFi protocol built on BNB Chain. The protocol combines the best yield farming and Gaming NFTs, creating a free GameFi ecosystem. Utilizing BNB Chain, MOBOX shows true NFT interoperability by combining cross-chain and cross-platform functionality for NFTs. The platform is community-driven and rewards users for their engagement and enjoyment.


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