Chainlink Weekly Roundup: ThirdFi, Lympid, Stella and Spring Hackathon

by BSC News

June 27, 2023


The Chainlink Weekly Round-Up brings you the latest developments and achievements in the Chainlink ecosystem.‍

Unveiling the Latest Developments in the Chainlink Ecosystem

Welcome to the Chainlink Weekly Round-Up! As the leading platform in the blockchain industry, Chainlink continues to revolutionize the way developers harness the power of real-world data and off-chain computation for creating groundbreaking Web3 applications.

Brace yourself as we uncover the exciting stories that have unfolded over the past week, offering you a comprehensive glimpse into the cutting-edge advancements and transformative applications powered by Chainlink's decentralized oracle network.

ThirdFi Joins Chainlink BUILD

Web3 infrastructure protocol, ThirdFi joined Chainlink BUILD to benefit from Chainlink's industry-leading Oracle services and technical support. 

According to ThirdFi, the protocol joined BUILD to capitalize on Chainlink's Oracle infrastructure's security and reliability. In addition to accessing and integrating decentralized price data from Chainlink Price Feeds, ThirdFi will also be able to access and integrate Chainlink's secure smart contract automation, generate tamper-proof random numbers with Chainlink VRF, and get access to new Chainlink products early. In return, ThirdFi will offer a percentage of its native token supply to Chainlink service providers and stakers.

Stella Integrates Chainlink Price Feeds

Leveraged strategies protocol, Stella has integrated Chainlink Price Feeds into Arbitrum to power leveraged DeFi strategies.

With Stella's integration into the decentralized Oracle network, it will have access to tamper-proof price feeds to help power lending and leveraged strategies. As per the protocol, the tamper-proof market data will give users stronger assurances about DeFi strategies.

Initially, Stella will use the following Chainlink Price Feeds: ETH/USD, ARB/USD, USDT/USD, USDC/USD, and BTC/USD. 

Chainlink BUILD Adds Lympid

Lympid Protocol joins Chainlink BUILD to gain enhanced access to Chainlink's industry-leading oracle services and technical support, which help support Web3's security and usability. Through BUILD, Lympid will gain access to new Chainlink product alpha and beta releases, as well as the integration of Chainlink Price Feeds.

Additionally, Lympid will offer a number of percentage points of its native token supply to Chainlink service providers, including stakers.

Chainlink Spring 2023 Hackathon  Winners Announced

The Chainlink Spring 2023 Hackathon has come to an end with the announcements of the winners on July 27. Featuring 14,000+ participants from 100+ countries and 498+ projects submitted, this hackathon broke all previous records. 

More than $400K was distributed across the following categories: 

1. Grand Prize

2. Tech for Good Prizes (x2)

3. NFTs and Gaming Prize

4. DeFi Prize

4. AI Prize

5. Chainlink Services Prizes (x3)

6. DAO Prize

7. Women in Tech Prize

8. Top-Quality Prizes (x40)

The $25,000 Grand Prize went to Securechain, which uses hybrid transfer validation to prevent wallet-draining attacks on NFTs and tokens that are stored in hot wallets.

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What Is Chainlink:

Chainlink is the industry standard for building, accessing, and selling Oracle services that power hybrid smart contracts on any blockchain. Chainlink oracle networks provide smart contracts to reliably connect to any external API and leverage secure off-chain computations for enabling feature-rich applications. They currently secure tens of billions of dollars across DeFi, insurance, gaming, and other major industries and offer global enterprises and leading data providers a universal gateway to all blockchains.

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