Borabora DEX: Redefining the Derivatives Sector in DeFi

With its recently released V2 offering enhanced features, Borabora aims to become a leader in the competitive derivatives sector.

Introducing Borabora DEX

Launched in 2022, Borabora is a decentralized derivatives protocol on BNB Chain. This innovative platform empowers traders to open long or short positions with several benefits, including advantages: zero price impact, up to 50x leverage, zero spread on blue-chip assets as well as no counterparty risks.

Liquidity providers on the Borabora can provide liquidity and earn LP token. They can also stake their LP token to earn a part of the protocol’s revenue among other rewards.

While currently deployed on the BNB Chain, Borabora has ambitious plans to expand its presence across additional networks in the near future. The platform has recently unveiled its eagerly anticipated V2 release, which boasts enhancements such as Instant Execution, an optimized user interface, low gas trading capabilities, and much more. 

exBora: The Employee Stock Options (ESOs) Token on WEB3 in Practice

exBora is the transferable exercise token of the Borabora protocol. Its issuance takes place in multiple phases, as the protocol develops. The initial allocation for Phase 1 amounts to 3,456,000 tokens, distributed as follows:

  • 80% allocated for Block Bomb rewards
  • 10% designated for community incentive
  • 10% reserved for core contributors

Distinguishing itself from the traditional employee stock options, Borabora does not require a formal option agreement between the company and the employee for grant issuance. Instead, users can accumulate exBora tokens by actively interacting with or contributing to the protocol.  

When it comes to exercising these options, the traditional practice entails employees paying for the option, essentially converting it into company stock. In contrast, exBora holders enjoy the unique benefit of directly swapping it into the platform's native token, Bora, at a 1:1 exchange ratio, without any additional cost.

Furthermore, in the traditional corporate context, employees typically realize the value of their shares by selling them on public markets. However, exBora holders have an additional avenue for realizing their holdings. They can exchange and sell Bora, the platform's main token, or opt to partake in the public "Employee Option Repurchase Program," allowing them to directly convert their exBora tokens into USDT.

Learn more about the exBora token here

Bomb Blocks Game

Bomb Blocks represents an innovative token emission mechanism designed to reward early contributors within the Borabora ecosystem. Users have the opportunity to accumulate exBora tokens, issued by Borabora, by participating in the Block Bomb system.

What is Bomb Block? 

In public blockchain networks, transactions are continually generated and recorded within blocks on the chain. Block bombs occur based on the cumulative number of blocks generated on the BNB Chain and the closing position actions taken by users.

Initial Emission: The initial emission of exBora for each block on the BSC network is set at 0.05.

Single Bomb Block: A Single Bomb block event takes place when a user closes a position with a volume of $500 or more, and it is confirmed on the blockchain. In this scenario, traders earn an initial 0.05 exBora, along with an additional 0.95 exBora in rewards, resulting in a total of 1 exBora.

Continuous Block Bomb: Continuous Block Bomb events occur when multiple blocks intervene between the block containing the current closing transaction and the block containing the previous closing transaction. In such cases, the trader receives exBora rewards not only based on the current block (0.05 exBora) with an additional 0.95 exBora bonus but also rewards for all intervening blocks of consecutive block bursts. This results in the trader receiving a total of 1 + 0.05n exBora, where 'n' represents the number of intervening blocks.

Notably, the maximum number of intervening blocks considered in this calculation is 100. Beyond 100 blocks, the count remains capped at 100 blocks for reward purposes.

Learn more about how Bomb Block works in detail here

Borabora Incentive Program

Borabora invites individuals to participate in its upcoming Incentive Programs, designed to reward dedicated affiliates who share a passion for the Borabora protocol and are ready to actively promote it across various online platforms, particularly on social media. These programs are geared towards fostering a long-term collaboration with individuals who are committed to supporting the development and growth of the Borabora protocol within the cryptocurrency landscape.

Borabora invites dedicated affiliates to participate in its upcoming Incentive Program. These individuals should share a passion for the Borabora protocol and be ready to promote it across various social media platforms. In return, affiliates will receive rewards in exBora and USDT tokens, supporting the protocol's development and its presence in the crypto world.

Benefits of Joining:

  • Earn like a boss and enjoy VIP treatment.
  • Work with high-converting decentralized fintech products with lucrative offers.
  • Receive a lifetime revenue share from your active traders.
  • Get daily instant rewards with the option to withdraw them daily.
  • Opportunities for sponsorship payments, ideal for experienced content producers.

Furthermore, Borabora offers a range of incentives for all referrers, including:

  • Referrer income: Earn 10% of the referee's exBora rewards.
  • Big winner income: Receive 2% of the daily exBora emission.
  • Special bonus income: Qualify for daily subsidies of up to 100 exBora.
  • Global UGC incentive program: Content creators can earn up to $1,000 in rewards monthly.

With its innovative approach to derivatives trading and the recent V2 release, Borabora is demonstrating its commitment to continuous improvement and expansion, aiming to become a prominent player in the derivatives trading space. The protocol's commitment to inclusivity and rewarding user engagement positions it as an exciting player in the ever-evolving world of decentralized finance.

Learn more about Borabora via the following links:

Website | X | Telegram | Medium | Docs

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