BNB Chain Unveils Ambitious GreenField Technology Roadmap Targeting Mass Adoption

by BSC News

December 12, 2023


One of the groundbreaking elements of the Greenfield initiative is its focus on addressing challenges faced by Artificial Intelligence (AI), such as ownership, transparency, and innovation.

Advancing the Future of Decentralized Storage

BNB Chain has announced the tech roadmap for its innovative decentralized storage network, BNB Greenfield. Tailored for both Web2 and Web3 developers and users, the roadmap aims to elevate performance, streamline development experiences, and fortify multichain capabilities.

Key Principles Driving BNB Greenfield's Roadmap

According to a recent press release, BNB Greenfield's mission is to introduce blockchain technology to the masses. There are three core principles that guide the roadmap: high performance, simplified development experiences, and the establishment of a robust multichain platform. 

At its core is a commitment to propel Storage Providers (SP) to new heights, quintupling upload and download speeds to efficiently handle a surge in transaction volumes.

Further, a pivotal aspect of the Greenfield initiative is the substantial increase in performance for Storage Providers. The upload speed is set to soar from 2MB/s to 10MB/s, while download speeds will experience an even more impressive leap, from 20MB/s to 100MB/s. This enhancement aims to revolutionize the network's efficiency in handling a higher transaction volume.

By aligning with popular Web2 and Web3 standards, the roadmap hopes to simplify the development experience. Additionally, a robust multichain platform will be implemented, enabling fully on-chain or decentralized apps (dApps) through cross-chain programmability.

With this move, BNB Chain plans to eliminate bottlenecks in the processing of high transaction blocks, thereby enhancing the overall performance of blockchain storage.

Integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Web3

A key element of the Greenfield initiative involves addressing the challenges faced by Artificial Intelligence (AI) in areas such as ownership, transparency, and innovation. This integration with Web3 on the BNB Chain entails the development of storage strategies for faster data access. 

A number of measures are proposed to further enhance network governance and stability. These include simplifying the SP exit process for increased convenience and cost-effectiveness and introducing a lightweight SP architecture to reduce computational requirements and energy consumption.

As per reports, Greenfield will implement smart contracts as resource owners in the coming months, enhancing permission control. 

Although the recent Greenfield initiative appears promising, Binance's native token, BNB, has been hit by the recent legal tussle between the US Justice Department and Binance.  Despite this, the token has seen some growth in recent days. BNB is trading at $255, up more than 10% since last week.


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