BabyDoge Unveils AI-Powered NFT Platform

by BSC News

September 19, 2023


This AI utility allows the BabyDoge community to tap into their creative potential and craft unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

BabyDoge's NFT Evolution

BabyDoge Coin has introduced its latest venture: an Artificial Intelligence Image Generator. This AI utility, unveiled on September 19th, enables users to tap into their creative potential and craft unique NFTs.

Users engaging with the Baby Doge AI Image Generator can acquire credits, which serve as the fuel for their NFT creation journey. These credits enable users to mint their NFTs directly through the Baby Doge platform. One BabyDoge coin stands for 1 credit. 

With the new platform, users can generate AI-generated 2D, 3D NFTs and BabyDoge memes. An intriguing aspect is that a portion of the fees generated from these NFT activities will be allocated toward burning Baby Doge tokens, thereby enhancing the coin's scarcity and potentially impacting its value.

Source: BabyDoge Twitter

Ben, a core team member of BabyDoge, announced in a Telegram statement:

"From a simple NFT to a 3D sensation! This Baby Doge's journey continues as it transforms into a captivating character. With its vibrant fur, punk mouth, and now a whole new dimension, it's ready to conquer the digital realm like never before. Stay tuned for more adventures!"

However, this is not BabyDoge’s first foray into the NFT space. In April of last year, BabyDoge unveiled its first NFT collection of 10,000 unique babies.

It is noteworthy that amidst these significant developments, BabyDoge faced challenges, including the recent CoinEx hack, which resulted in BabyDoge holders experiencing losses estimated at $2-3 million

At the time of writing, BabyDoge is trading at $0.000000001081, reflecting a decrease of 4.4% over the past week. 


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