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Aptos Eyes 100k TPS With PreviewNet

The improvements were rigorously tested on PreviewNet, a testing environment that closely mirrors the Aptos mainnet.

Aptos Labs, in collaboration with its community, announces enhancements to the scalability and performance of the Aptos Network through the utilization of PreviewNet. This testing environment replicates the conditions of a globally decentralized platform, including various hardware, node configurations, and network characteristics, providing a realistic assessment.

PreviewNet Testing Highlights

The PreviewNet platform replicates the diverse characteristics of a globally decentralized platform, encompassing heterogeneous hardware, variable node configurations, and non-uniform network behavior. Recent testing involved 125 validator nodes across 26 countries, pushing the Nakamoto Coefficient to 33. The testing timeline spanned from October 30th, 2023, to November 21st, 2023, processing over 9 billion transactions.

Performance Achievements

Peak TPS Surpasses 30k

Aptos achieved a new peak Transactions Per Second (TPS) of over 30,000 in the PreviewNet, demonstrating improvement compared to the previous benchmark of 20,000 TPS. The advancements include a horizontally scalable consensus, a parallel execution engine with BlockSTM, highly optimized batch storage, and efficient pipelined processing.

Sustained Peak Throughput Exceeds 25k TPS

In less than 24 hours, Aptos Network processed over 2.1 billion peer-to-peer payment transactions, setting a new industry record. 

Parallelization of Sequential Workloads

Aptos introduced Aggregators, a conflict-free counter technology, enabling the parallelization of sequential workloads. This innovation improves the execution of tasks such as minting Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) with limited supply and sequential naming. 

The network successfully minted 1 Million limited collection NFTs in approximately 90 seconds, demonstrating a tenfold improvement.

Disaster Recovery Drill

To ensure the network's resilience and fault tolerance, Aptos conducted a Disaster Recovery (DR) Drill. This experimental feature allowed the identification and execution of a script, demonstrating the network's ability to swiftly recover from incidents.

Key Lessons Learned

PreviewNet testing revealed important insights, emphasizing the complexity of real-world scenarios. Aptos acknowledges the importance of considering variables such as heterogeneous deployments, the significance of the read path in addition to the write path, and the invaluable role of high-quality tooling in managing complexity.

Aptos Labs aims to elevate scalability further, targeting over 100,000 TPS as the next milestone. Aptos’ native token APT is trading at $7.61 at press time, up 5% in the last 30 days. 

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