Amazon Prime Partners with NFT Game Mojo Melee to Offer Free NFTs to Subscribers

by BSC News

August 3, 2023


The promotion will last for six months, offering monthly drops of in-game items, allowing Prime subscribers to gain an advantage in Mojo Melee.

Polygon-based NFT game Mojo Melee has joined forces with retail giants Amazon to offer free NFTs for Amazon Prime subscribers.

Starting now, Prime subscribers can access a free package via the Amazon Prime Gaming portal, which grants them an NFT and in-game currency upon creating a new player account for Mojo Melee. The package includes an NFT for the champion character Gwyn Rockhopper and a generous amount of 885 Ore, which serves as a non-crypto, in-game currency.

Unlike the regular in-game progression system of Mojo Melee, where players have to reach a certain character level to mint champions as NFTs, the character Gwyn Rockhopper is immediately available as an NFT thanks to the Amazon partnership.

The collaboration with Amazon spans six months and includes monthly drops of free in-game NFTs and additional content. This ongoing promotion allows Prime subscribers to explore the world of Mojo Melee and gain an edge over non-subscribers.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Prime Gaming to bring Mojo Melee to Prime members,” stated Mike Levine, CEO of Mystic Moose. “With monthly free drops of on and off-chain items, this is a massive opportunity to let players enjoy our game and experience the power of web3 gaming assets.”

Mojo Melee offers a refreshing take on the "auto battler" genre, combining elements from chess and real-time strategy games. Players can enjoy the game on web browsers and via an Android app, making it accessible to a wide audience.

This isn't Amazon Prime Gaming's first venture into the realm of NFT promotions, having previously partnered with Mythical Games to provide NFT promotions for the play-and-create game Blankos Block Party on PC and Mac, offering free avatars and accessories.

With this exciting collaboration and free NFT offerings, Amazon Prime continues to show its dedication to providing unique gaming experiences to its subscribers while exploring the ever-evolving world of NFTs.