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ZKID Airdrop: A Guide to Getting Your Share of $780,000 In Tokens 

The ZKID airdrop presents an exciting opportunity for holders of .zk, .zksync, and .era domains to participate in the groundbreaking zkSync id ecosystem.

Secure Your Decentralized IDs With ZKID

Holders of .zksync and .era domains are in for a treat. A generous giveaway awaits, with $780,000 worth of $ZKID tokens up for grabs. This exciting event allows participants to claim their share of the airdrop and join in on the action.

zkSync ID present decentralized IDs in the form of .zksync and .era, providing users access to the expansive zkSync ID ecosystem. These unique IDs offer exclusive benefits, features, and utilities, all without an expiration date or undisclosed charges. Plus, they grant eligibility for the highly anticipated ZKID airdrop.

The ZKID token boasts a maximum supply of 100,000,000, and no additional tokens will ever be created. Further, the ZKID stands out because the team has not reserved any allocation for itself - 100% of the tokens are directly allocated to the community, ensuring fairness and inclusivity.

A marketplace is set to launch in Q3-Q4 2023, allowing effortless buying and selling of .zksync and .era domains. The marketplace reportedly will operate without any associated fees.

In addition, users can enjoy the benefit of instantly receiving up to 90% of the gas fee returned to them, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

But how do you qualify for a ZKID airdrop? Let’s get to it

How to join the zkSync id Airdrop?

Step 1: 

Visit and click 'launch dapp.' Connect your wallet with the platform and set it to zksync era mainnet. 


You can then search for the domain name you want and register it if available.


Step 2: 

Click on the "Mint" button, then select "Mint wallet ID" and confirm your selection.


Use code 'ZKSYNCID70' to receive a generous 70% discount!

When you click on the mint wallet id, you can see your domain in your dashboard after your successful transaction. You can check your zkSync ID and zkSync Era interaction by visiting and entering your wallet address.

Step 3: 

Follow @getzksyncid on Twitter. Then like, and retweet the designated Tweet. Drop your Ethereum wallet address and tag three friends. 

Step 4: 

Join the zkSync id Discord server and engage with other members. Additionally, you can own up to 11 decentralized identifiers to increase your reward allocation. The ZKID airdrop has a maximum allocation of $500 and a minimum allocation of $25.

You can also be qualified and eligible for the ZKID airdrop if you possess domains from zkns domains, ZNS protocol, or era domain, along with a ZkSync ID.

With a total of $780,000 worth of $ZKID tokens up for grabs, participants have the chance to claim their share and gain exclusive access to the zkSync ID ecosystem. The ZKID token is already listed on popular platforms like Coingecko and CoinMarketCap, indicating the potential growth of this ecosystem.

Make sure you don't miss out on this opportunity to embrace decentralized digital identities and unlock the potential of zkSync ID and get a share of the allocation meant for the community.

What is zkSync ID:

zkSync ID provides the benefits of a decentralized digital identity and login system by leveraging zk rollups to ensure fast and secure transactions. As per the protocol, zkSync era provides users with a vibrant marketplace for trading unique collectible IDs. 

Learn more about zkSync ID:

Website I Twitter I Discord

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