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Ziggyverse on the Horizon: Launch of Collection of 5K Genesis Ziggy NFTs Announced for End of August

Ziggyverse will make 4,000 Genesis Ziggy NFTs available for whitelisting and public minting on Aug. 30 and 31 in Rareboard.

‘Ready to Disrupt the GameFi Space’

Ziggyverse announced their upcoming Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection's launch date as they will release 5,000 Genesis Ziggys – 4,000 of which will be available for whitelisting and public launch on Rareboard. The launch is scheduled for Aug. 30 for whitelist mint and Aug. 31 for public mint.

“The Ziggyverse is nearly here. We're ready to disrupt the GameFi space and super excited to get these beautiful PFP NFTs out onto the BNB Chain,” Galileo from Ziggyverse told BSC News.

As the team stated in a recent Medium article from Aug. 20, Genesis Ziggys will be launched as both an in-game and a PFP (profile picture) collection. The PlaytoEarn game will be a competitive monster battle arena where users can earn $BNB, $POTS, stablecoins and NFTs. Galileo further explained the reasons for building Ziggytverse on BNB Chain:

“BNB Chain has always been our home with Moonpot, it was a no-brainer that we would have BNB Chain as our home. Working with industry veterans, such as Weso from, our project has some deep roots in the BNB chain. The support and love we receive from projects such as BSC News are why it was an easy decision to build on the BNB Chain."

Multiple Utilities With the Genesis Ziggy

The NFTs will bring the following utility to holders:

  1. Genesis Ziggy owners can gain bonus experience points when they participate in battles or complete missions.
  2. For certain in-game activities, players earn LEEKS, and Genesis Ziggy will let you earn even more.
  3. Using the Ziggyverse guild mechanic, you can rent out your team and Genesis Ziggy to scholars while collecting passive rewards.
  4. Players can use in-battle emojis when they have a Genesis Ziggy.
  5. Before the game’s release, the Ziggyverse team will release a Genesis staking mechanic for the holders.
“Not only can an individual attach themselves to their Ziggy, but also will reap the rewards of utility that they provide in-game. Did we forget to mention that rewards from playing the game and earning will be in stablecoins/BNB?” Galileo told BSC News.

Learn more about the upcoming Ziggyverse NFT mint here and in this Twitter thread.

What Is Genesis Ziggys?

Genesis Ziggys is a collection of 5,000 NFTs considered both an in-game and a PFP (profile picture) collection. The NFTs will be used to play the Ziggyverse game yet to be released. Based on the character of the lore, Captain Ziggy, Genesis Ziggys are generative, unique astronauts with hundreds of traits that make each one unique. The NFTs are created by artists Star-Lord and R2-D2 over six months.

Learn more about Genesis Ziggys:

Twitter | Telegram | Medium

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