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Yield Guild Games Doubles Down on Blockchain Gaming

The crypto gaming guild continues to build despite an ongoing bear market in the industry.

Builders Keep Building

Despite the overall bear market, Yield Guild Games, one of the first PlaytoEarn blockchain gaming guilds in the industry, remains bullish on the space and is doubling down on their investments.

Recent market conditions haven’t been favorable for most stakeholders in blockchain gaming. Leading blockchain games in 2021 saw the prices of their coins, and the number of players in their ecosystem, drop significantly in 2022. But in a tweet on July 26, YGG revealed what the team has been building despite the crypto bear market. 

“We believe that the space is still very young and there are a lot of opportunities,” John Sedano, YGG’s Global Community Marketing Manager, told BSCNews. “No one really saw [Axie Infinity] coming, so that’s the same mentality we’re working with. We are seed investors for over sixty projects, we’re hiring more, creating new verticals, and basically doubling down because we’re very bullish on the space. Gaming is rapidly evolving and we think the industry is ripe for another phase in its evolution, and YGG will always be taking the lead.”

Sedano also said that despite losing guild members because of the bear market, the guild is still growing overall as a result of new subDAOs formed under YGG. The team also hired former Binance Director of Southeast Asia Colin Goltra, creative industry expert Jen Yu, and internally promoted head of product development KNIGHTAV, to contribute their expertise to the guild. 

YGG is also looking to develop new verticals. Its eSports teams (who had successful stints in tournaments like the Axie Infinity Retreat, Lunacian Scholarship League Esports events, and Galaxy Cup) and the guild’s media content (through events coverage, monthly guild and Web3 recaps, scholar highlights, and more) are among those they plan to develop further.

“On the Esports side, another recent hire was Mike Ovecka, who was from the Esports department in Blizzard,” Sedano said. “He is focusing on the Axie Infinity Esports team [of YGG]. For media, we’ve been aggressive in creating Esports content, YGG TV, and covering physical events. Watch out for that content!”

Sedano also said that the guild is planning on creating more events for the crypto community, including blockchain week, YGG road trips, and both online and in-person Esports tournaments. YGG is also building community products, like their Guild Advancement Program, which gamifies guild participation through quests that reward NFTs which can be exchanged for YGG tokens. New games that partnered with the guild are also coming out soon, giving more opportunity for guild members to be part of new Esports teams and join more tournaments to represent YGG.

“You can see YGG as an Esports and gaming community, but with the power and leverage of Web3,” Sedano said. “We are connected with the biggest crypto projects and personalities, and have the help of the entire industry in building out the biggest guild in the metaverse.”

Check out YGG’s latest Medium post for more information on what guild has been up to during the bear market.


What Is YGG:

Yield Guild Games is a blockchain gaming guild that seeks yield throughout the metaverse. It was founded by Gabby Dizon and Beryl Li and initially started with popular blockchain game Axie Infinity, but has since expanded into other blockchain games as well. The organization looks to empower and onboard people to web3 using blockchain gaming.

Where to find YGG:

Twitter | Website | Discord | Medium | Whitepaper 


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