Volt Inu Reaches a Huge Milestone with KuCoin Listing the VOLT Token on June 2, 2023

The listing on Kucoin will result in greater visibility, credibility, and accessibility of the $VOLT token to a broader audience.

Volt Inu has made an exciting revelation regarding the upcoming listing of its native token, VOLT, on KuCoin, a prominent player in the crypto exchange industry. 

In a recent Twitter announcement, Volt Inu confirmed that VOLT was scheduled to debut on KuCoin on June 2, 2023, at 12:00 UTC. 

This listing marks a crucial moment for Volt Inu as it brings numerous advantages, including enhanced credibility and improved accessibility for the VOLT cryptocurrency. Also, the listing on KuCoin comes a few months after the listing on another top-tier exchange, Huobi.

New Listing of VOLT Token on a Top-Tier Exchange

On June 2, 2023, at 12:00 UTC, a momentous launch unfolded, which was accompanied by an electrifying announcement from Volt Inu, the innovative crypto project shaking up decentralized finance, and KuCoin, the fourth CEX in the world, according to CoinMarketCap - the launch of VOLT Token on KuCoin.

The partnership between VOLT Inu and KuCoin represents a significant milestone, offering many benefits for both projects and their respective communities.

KuCoin, renowned for its unwavering commitment to liquidity and stringent project evaluation, is one of the industry's major exchanges. With over 20 million users and counting, the platform's user base represents a vast network of individuals eager to explore and invest in promising digital assets. The listing of VOLT Token on KuCoin grants direct access to this expansive user base, propelling the project to new heights of exposure and potential growth.

By joining forces with KuCoin, VOLT Token gains a powerful ally that shares its vision for a dynamic and thriving digital asset ecosystem.

The exchange's rigorous assessment process serves as a stamp of approval, instilling confidence in the market and attracting key stakeholders. This influx of institutional interest will undoubtedly provide VOLT Token with increased visibility and credibility within the industry.

With an extensive user base across Asia, KuCoin offers a gateway to a thriving market, allowing VOLT to reach a diverse range of investors and enthusiasts.

The listing of VOLT on KuCoin marks a transformative moment for both projects, symbolizing a shared commitment to innovation, accessibility, and growth within the digital asset space. As VOLT embarks on this exciting new chapter, it embraces the prospect of heightened liquidity, increased institutional interest, and expanded market reach.

Alongside this remarkable event, KuCoin unveiled an exhilarating campaign to captivate their users as they stand a chance to win a staggering VOLT prize pool valued at an astounding $40,000!

Volt Inu's Listing on KuCoin Just Months After Debut on Huobi

Let's remember that the momentous launch on KuCoin swiftly followed VOLT's listing on Huobi merely a few months after its successful debut in March 2023.  

Since that remarkable moment, Volt Inu has embarked on a relentless journey, consistently offering  VOLT Token holders exciting news and captivating developments. This concerted effort has propelled the project's popularity to new heights, eventually culminating in its esteemed listing on KuCoin.

As the project continues to soar, it holds great promise for potential future listings on numerous other prominent exchanges. 

Discover Volt Inu

Volt Inu emerged in December 2021 as a trailblazing crypto project disrupting the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry with its groundbreaking offerings. Right from its inception, Volt Inu has garnered widespread acclaim for its innovative approach to supporting deflationary tokens and mechanisms, setting it apart from its counterparts.

The team behind Volt Inu is committed to establishing an inclusive and accessible environment for both emerging and based crypto projects. They have pioneered a permissionless and cost-free listing process, fostering long-term value creation by strategically burning cryptocurrency supplies, thereby instilling deflationary qualities.

Since its launch, Volt Inu has introduced a range of cutting-edge products to the market, including:

  • VOLT Token - Serving as the native cryptocurrency of the Volt Inu platform, the VOLT Token offers users many utility-based benefits, enhancing their experience within the ecosystem.
  • Voltichange - As a multichain decentralized exchange (DEX), Voltichange simplifies the listing process for existing and future crypto projects. Notably, the platform's nominal trading fees of just 0.5% make every cryptocurrency traded deflationary, amplifying its appeal.
  • VDSC - The visually captivating 3D NFT collection, VDSC, exemplifies the creative and artistic prowess of the Volt Inu platform. Apart from being aesthetically stunning, these NFTs provide exclusive access to utilities within the ecosystem, further augmenting their value.
  • Volted Racer and VoltIsland - These two thrilling crypto-based games offer players the opportunity to earn rewards through free and paid game modes, adding an exciting dimension to the Volt Inu experience.
  • VoltiCard - Blending convenience and usability, the VoltiCard is a prepaid physical and virtual debit card that facilitates seamless everyday transactions, catering to the diverse needs of users.
  • VoltiEco - Simplifying airdrops and offering a comprehensive solution for global crypto investors, VoltiEco provides streamlined access to airdrop opportunities, serving as an all-in-one solution.

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