UNAS: Cross-Platform Solution for Crypto and Stock Markets

The United Asian Token (UNAS) seeks to provide trading solutions between the crypto and stock markets in Europe and Asia.

UNAS Takes Charge

Chainalysis published its Cryptocurrency Adoption Index, which assesses 154 countries. Global cryptocurrency adoption has grown by more than 2,300% since the third quarter of last year and by more than 881% this year. The leaders of this statistic are Asian countries, and one of the biggest initiatives of the Asian crypto sphere in the second half of 2022 is UNAS.

What is UNAS? 

Created jointly by Singaporean, Korean and Hong Kong venture capitalists and developers, UNAS: United Asian Token launched its Public Promotion phase in Q3 2022. It is a unified Asian digital asset and product that provides unique exchange trading solutions between Europe and Asia, and, most importantly, between crypto and stock markets.

East Asia, just like 60 years ago when the Four Asian Tigers took the lead in economic growth, is again becoming a favorable and attractive region for development already in the new digital economic era. Thus, the UNAS project with a single center in Singapore intends to take the leading position of digital giants on the Eurasian continent thanks to the unique fintech products that are already becoming a reality.

The capitalization of the global stock market for the last three years is over $100 trillion. The centralized exchange system is obsolete and requires new technical solutions to speed up and automate transactions. But the main open question is that the traditional market is still trying to ignore blockchain technology, even though it is outperforming most stock assets.

UNAS intends to bridge the gap between traditional financial apparatuses and already actual digital assets, offering the financial market a unique technology that, in the next two years, will become universally recognized on the world stage - it is UNAS-StoX. Also, major partnerships and influential support of the project from the Asian fintech giants will soon be announced. As a result, UNAS is seeking to get the support of national financial institutions in Asia.

The Flagship United Asian Token - UNAS-StoX

Blockchain technology has been proven to turbocharge even established stock markets, making them automated and several times faster to process financial transactions. 

Bitcoin futures were first launched on Chicago's Cboe and CME exchanges in late 2017. The price of the first cryptocurrency then set a historic high of $20,000. A subsidiary of Germany's largest stock exchange, Deutsche Börse, the financial derivatives platform Eurex, launched futures on Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP back in 2019.

In early March 2020, Japan Exchange Group, owner of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Japan Depository Center, announced the launch of a blockchain platform for the exchange of securities after trading. NEC Corporation became the technology partner of the project. 

UNAS-StoX has decided to lead this so far niche financial space and offers a unique technology to merge crypto and stock markets. It is a technology to openly trade crypto assets between securities and bonds by combining a decentralized UNAS-based trading platform in partnership with existing Asian stock markets such as KRX, TWSE, and SGE. The main linking tool for trading between crypto assets and securities will be UNAS' own token.

UNAS Announces the Launch of the Priority Allocation for Investors

UNAS raised more than $500,000 from venture capitalists at a closed Seed Sale in late 2021. Early partners in the project included ChoMin, K.S.Fund, and others. After accumulating SoftCap, the project began implementing the Core Idea and developing the MVP for the general public. In addition, United Asian Token has announced a Private Allocation for its first large and mid-sized investors. 

The offer for private investors is limited, with only 700,000 UNAS available for the most profitable allocation. The starting price of UNAS is equal to 0.15 BUSD, but the minimum investment in the project is fixed at $500.

The project offers many value-added side products and opportunities for community members. Among these products is the referral program UNAS Ambassador, an additional percentage of compensation for large investors in Whale Bonus, as well as an available Bounty for small investors - all efforts are aimed at increasing community and popularizing the project.

The UNAS team has stepped up its marketing efforts and will have a spot at the next global blockchain summit. Developers from South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong are bringing in a slew of world-renowned editors to get the most intensive results. 

Get an allocation on UNAS here. Use the following links to stay updated on future developments:

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