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Thetan Arena Developers Launch New Game: Thetan Rivals

Thetan Rivals takes Wolffun Game, developer of BNB Chain game Thetan Arena, back to its roots as a casual game developer.

A new, more casual game -- called Thetan Rivals -- is in the works from the developers of popular BNB Chain MOBA game Thetan Arena.

Wolffun Game, the studio behind Thetan Arena, initially started as a casual game developer and wanted to “go back to their roots” by developing a game that all audiences can participate in. The resulting project, Thetan Rivals, has a more relaxing ambiance, but doesn’t lack addictive and competitive gameplay.

Gameplay screenshot of Thetan Rivals
“[Thetan Arena] is profoundly skill-based to come out victorious in the game,” Joashua Tang, Thetan Arena’s PR Specialist, told BSCNews. “Such nature of Thetan Arena can easily attract hardcore gamers but might create a barrier to entry for more casual gamers. With Thetan Rivals, we are taking an approach that is quite the opposite: the gameplay is more lighthearted, simple, and more focus is on the fun factor. Those who just get started with Thetan Rivals can easily pick up the gameplay straight out of the gate.”

At first glance, Thetan Rivals shares similarities with popular casual Web2 game Fall Guys. The current open beta version of the game has three stages where players control their Thenions, mini versions of the Thetan heroes from Thetan Arena, and navigate through various challenges so they can be proclaimed the winner. The three playable stages right now are an obstacle course, a mystery race, and their version of Red Light-Green Light.

Tile Fall, one of Thetan Rivals’ stage challenges

As of writing, the new game’s open beta can only be accessed by players from Indonesia and Thailand in order to increase the exposure of the game to both countries and those surrounding them. The team mentioned that the game will be officially launched after the open beta with more challenges, game modes and new maps. Thetan Rivals ties back to Thetan Arena through both the characters and the Tokenomics, which is still under development.

Thetan Rival’s Red Light-Green Light
“We at Wolffun Game have achieved plenty of milestones since Thetan Arena’s inception, and we plan to do the same with Thetan Rivals. There are still many uncharted territories in the GameFi sector, and bridging the gap between traditional gaming and GameFi remains a hot topic,” Tang added. “[We want to help millions of people familiarize themselves with GameFi so that they can confidently enter this sector and start exploring further. We are also looking at the expansion of our player base through a more casual and public-friendly gaming experience, as well as better utilization of the tokens.”

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