The Core DAO Brand Evolves: New Logo, Website, and More

by BSC News

October 30, 2023


Against a backdrop of major sponsorships and collaborations, the Core DAO team has been making subtle changes to the project’s branding and resources - something that may prove impactful when it comes to expanding the Core ecosystem over time…

Core DAO announced the launch of its EVM compatible blockchain mainnet back in January 2023. Since then, the project has surged in popularity, reaching a staggering 2+ million followers on X/Twitter, while its native token, CORE has received attention, in the form of listings, from major exchanges such as OKX, Bybit,, and HTX (formerly Huobi).

Meanwhile, the Core DAO team itself has been gradually reshaping the project’s branding and aesthetic, to accommodate what it hopes will be a bright future for the Core ecosystem…

Core DAO’s New Logo - A Community Decision

In early September, Core DAO took to X/Twitter to consult its community directly on which of two possible new logos it preferred, citing “a lot of love for the [old] orange hexagon logo”, but recognising that it was “time to transform the brand into something that better expresses who we are”.

Core DAO’s two potential new logos. Source: X/Twitter

The Core DAO community ultimately opted for the second logo option - with some 63.8% voting in favor of its design.

Despite the project’s former, more simple logo appearing in relation to a sponsorship at Token 2049 in Singapore, Core DAO’s new branding has since been implemented and proliferated across its ecosystem.

Website Overhaul

On October 27, the same day that Core announced both a Bitget Wallet integration as well as a joint effort with LayerZero and Avalanche, the New website went live.

A glance at Core DAO’s new website reveals not only a shift in aesthetic and branding, but also some very interesting additions to the site’s functionality.

In particular, and as highlighted by Core DAO itself, the new site features a section dedicated to the process of building on top of Core’s mainnet. 

Simultaneously providing easy access to many of the infrastructure components that can help with dapp construction, the new section points to additions such as a bug bounty initiative of up to $500,000, and even details of Core DAO’s grant program. 

In addition, a dedicated ‘Resources’ tab highlights many of the tools required for various interactions with the Core ecosystem, including:

  • Core’s blockchain explorer
  • Core’s whitepaper itself
  • Core Bridge and CORE staking platform
  • Smart contract verification tool

Takeaway - The Little Things

Whilst a rebrand and website overhaul may seem like small changes by way of comparison to a mainnet launch or new partnership, their implementation appears to reflect an attention to detail on the part of Core’s developer team.

Branding and marketing is ultimately at the core of a cryptocurrency project’s success and is something that some of the most prominent projects in the blockchain industry have executed to perfection.

Whilst CORE’s new logo may serve to reinvigorate the project’s presence across social media platforms, and the new additions to its website could go some way in encouraging potential-builders to select Core’s mainnet as the foundation of their applications, only time will tell how effective Core’s image-oriented efforts will prove in the coming months.


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