Tether Steps Into AI: What’s on Offer?

by BSC News

March 26, 2024


The development could lead to a new standard for AI deployment and create a community of collaboration in the crypto industry.

Stablecoin USDT issuer, Tether, has announced plans to venture into artificial intelligence (AI) on March 26. 

At the core of Tether's AI initiative lies the development of open-source, multi-modal AI models with its new subsidiary, Tether Data. With these models Tether aims to revolutionize various aspects of the industry, promising enhancements in efficiency, transparency, and security across Tether's platform. 

Areas of Focus

The purpose of Tether Data is to pioneer the development of open-source, multimodal AI models, enabling innovation and accessibility through the use of AI technology. As part of this initiative, the company will also work with market-driven products to integrate AI solutions into their products, leveraging the technology to address real-world problems.

Finally, Tether Data aims to advance open AI by showcasing its innovative projects in the broader ecosystem through community contributions.

To realize its ambitious goals, Tether is reportedly recruiting top talents from around the world to strengthen its AI department. The stablecoin issuer seeks to maintain its position at the forefront of technological innovation in the financial sector by assembling a diverse team of experts.

History of Investments

Tether's entry into AI represents a strategic move for the company, building upon its history of investments in sectors such as renewable energy, peer-to-peer telecommunications, and bitcoin mining. With concerns surrounding the monopolization of AI technologies by tech giants such as Microsoft, Facebook, and Google, Tether Data has amplified privacy and transparency with the recent move.  

The recent announcement comes after Tether (USDT) achieved a remarkable milestone by surpassing a market cap of $100 billion on March 4, 2024, demonstrating 9% growth year-to-date.


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