TEN Finance Launches Liquid BNB Staking on BNB Chain, Offering Unprecedented Earning Opportunities and a $1,000 Giveaway

by BSC News

March 24, 2023


BNB Chain users can now safely maximize their BNB earnings through the innovative Liquid BNB Staking vaults and new liquid staking asset BNBy, launched by TEN Finance.

TEN Finance, a leading yield aggregator platform on BNB Chain, has recently announced the launch of Liquid BNB Staking, a groundbreaking solution that enables BNB Stakers to receive the new liquid staking asset- BNBy, and benefit from additional earning opportunities on their BNB holdings. By participating in the newly introduced Liquid BNB Staking vaults, users can now maximize their earnings further, unlocking the full potential of their BNB assets.

Liquid BNB Staking offers a unique set of benefits compared to traditional BNB staking, particularly when it comes to flexibility and accessibility. Unlike regular staking, which requires users to lock up their BNB for a certain period, Liquid BNB Staking allows users to receive a ‘liquid’ tokenized version of BNB called BNBy. BNBy will then allow them to earn rewards without committing their assets long-term. This means that users can still reap the traditional staking rewards on their BNB holdings while maintaining the freedom to access and actively trade their assets without incurring any penalties, all thanks to BNBy! 

In essence, Liquid BNB Staking combines the best of both worlds: users can enjoy all the perks of regular staking while retaining full control over their assets. This innovative approach to staking is expected to attract a broader audience of BNB Chain users, who can now optimize their investment strategies by leveraging the flexibility and convenience offered by Liquid BNB Staking.

The launch of Liquid BNB Staking marks a significant milestone for BNB Chain users looking to safely and effectively grow their BNB holdings. By providing an additional layer of earning opportunities on top of regular staking, TEN Finance addresses the growing demand for innovative and secure solutions within the BNB Chain ecosystem.

To commemorate this remarkable launch, TEN Finance is offering users the opportunity to participate in a $1,000 $TENFI giveaway.
To take part in the giveaway, users have to stake some BNB in our liquid staking vaults before the snapshot on 07 April 2023 and complete a series of tasks on Galxe, accessible via this link: 
This exciting giveaway is aimed at rewarding TEN Finance's dedicated community and attracting new users to experience the benefits of Liquid BNB Staking.


As the adoption of BNB Chain and the demand for efficient staking solutions continue to grow, TEN Finance's introduction of Liquid BNB Staking vaults is set to revolutionize the way BNB Chain users approach staking, enabling them to safely maximize their BNB earnings.

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