Telegram To Launch Ad Platform On Ton Blockchain For Channel Owners Worldwide

by BSC News

February 28, 2024


Starting in March, channel owners worldwide can receive financial rewards for their contributions as Telegram's ad platform becomes accessible to advertisers in over 100 countries.

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov unveiled plans to open the doors of monetization for the platform's broadcast channels. The announcement, made on Wednesday, outlined a comprehensive scheme that allows content creators to reap financial benefits from their channels, starting next month.

Source: Du Rove’s Telegram Channel

Channel owners are in for a treat, as Durov disclosed that they can claim a significant 50% share of ad earnings generated from the display of their content to viewers. The remaining 50% will contribute to Telegram's revenue stream. 

Content creators will reportedly benefit from Telegram's vast audience on public channels, which boasts an impressive 1 trillion impressions per month.

TON Blockchain Powers Payments

Adding a layer of innovation, the Telegram Ad Platform is set to exclusively utilize the TON blockchain for making payments. 

The TON blockchain has been gaining traction, with notable developments indicating a rising interest in its capabilities. Animoca Brands' announcement in November 2023 to become the largest validator on the TON blockchain for building blockchain-based games on Telegram further highlights the blockchain's potential.

While Telegram broadcast channels boast over one trillion monthly views, only a modest 10% of these views are currently monetized through Telegram Ads, a privacy-focused promotional tool. The opening of the advertising platform globally is anticipated to significantly boost this monetization rate.

In the wake of these announcements, the TON token experienced a surge, rising from a 24-hour low of $2.14 to a high of $2.93, currently stabilizing at $2.63. CoinMarketCap data reflects a remarkable spike in trading volume, soaring by over 350%.

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