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Sushi Expands to Aptos

Leading Dex, Sushi, will be launching its v2 AMM product on Aptos’ network, as part of its expansion across the blockchain ecosystem.


  • Leading DEX, Sushi, is expanding its offering to cover Aptos, its first non-EVM blockchain ever.
  • Further plans exist around UX development and enhanced interoperability.

One of the industry’s leading decentralized exchanges, Sushi, originally built for Ethereum, is expanding its services to cover up-and-coming blockchain, Aptos. This will constitute the DEX’s first offering on a blockchain that does not leverage the Ethereum Virtual Machine, which is already live on Ethereum and multiple L2s. 

Sushi’s v2 AMM will see an Aptos integration as part of the protocol's plans for multi-chain prominence. Though the expansion may constitute positive news for both parties, plans for further integrations, revolving around UX and additional interoperability, have been made clear. 

The news is not only important for Sushi’s eventual plans to expand across the blockchain ecosystem, but also for Aptos’ mandate of growing the Move ecosystem to rival those of other blockchains.

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