Pi Network's PiBridge Anniversary: A Comprehensive Look into the PIB Token Rewards and Expanding Crypto Horizons

by BSC News

August 17, 2023


Pi Bridge is celebrating its first anniversary by incentivizing users with 500 PIB worth of rewards.


  • Pi Network introduces advancements like PiBridge and potential trading platforms, aiming for global crypto engagement.
  • PiBridge celebrates its first anniversary with the 'EXPERIENCE PIBRIDGE' Airdrop Program, offering 500 PIB tokens as rewards.
  • Participants can convert PIB tokens to fiat or use them for transaction fees on the PiBridge exchange.
  • Users should conduct thorough research before participating due to potential risks in cryptocurrency ventures.

Pi Network has garnered much anticipation and interest in the blockchain industry. With innovative introductions like PiBridge and potential advancements in trading platforms, the mobile mining network is positioning itself at the forefront of global cryptocurrency engagement.

Stretching Horizons: The Expansion of Pi Network

The Pi Network's journey has been marked by progressive steps, each aimed at broadening its user base and increasing its impact. Two significant milestones that might impact its journey are:

1. Trading Platform: The establishment of a dedicated trading platform not only amplifies the value of Pi coin but is also a crucial instrument in the network's global outreach. By facilitating the seamless transfer of value, this platform is anticipated to usher in a new wave of crypto enthusiasts.

2. PiBridge: As the pioneer P2P exchange on the Pi Network, PiBridge has become a catalyst for the network's unparalleled growth. Over the past year, its role in furthering the expansion of the network has been undeniable.

Celebrating Milestones: The 'EXPERIENCE PIBRIDGE' Airdrop Program

To mark its impactful first year, PiBridge has rolled out an extensive Airdrop program named 'EXPERIENCE PINRIDGE - EARN PIB TOKEN REWARDS.โ€™ The idea of this initiative is to incentivize participants with PIB tokens, rewarding them for their activity within the PiBridge application.

Prospective participants can look forward to:

- Engaging with the app and completing six delineated tasks, as shared in the tweet above.

- Tapping into a generous prize pool boasting a total of 500 PIB tokens.

- The flexibility of converting these PIB tokens into fiat currency or using them to offset transaction fees linked with Pi deposits and withdrawals on the exchange.

The underlying purpose of this Airdrop program is evident: to propel greater participation within the Pi Network's ecosystem and to champion the use of the PiBridge platform for an array of trading actions.

A Word of Caution

While the horizon looks promising, it's paramount that users tread with caution. Participation in cryptocurrency-related ventures, including this Airdrop program, demands meticulous research and a comprehensive understanding of the associated risks. As always, Do Your Own Research (DYOR).ย 


The Pi Network, with its forward-thinking initiatives, continues to set the pace in the crypto domain. As it advances, platforms like PiBridge remain a beacon for those keen on exploring the vast potential of cryptocurrency. However, as with all ventures in this realm, due diligence remains the cornerstone of safe and informed participation.

What is Pi Bridge:

PiBridge is a hybrid all-in-one financial application platform combining both DEX and CEX models with multi-chain & cross-chain AMM, farming, lending, fundraising platform (launchpad), prediction, NFT, and more features. All products will be developed with Pi Network as the base.

What is Pi Network?

Pi Network is a mobile mining blockchain with an application that lets people earn Pi coins by doing simple tasks on their phones. However, the project remains in its development stage with delivery of an open mainnet still a matter of speculation, with no launch date confirmed.ย 

With this in mind, the protocol remains in its testnet stage and will apparently go live when many users (Pioneers) complete the mandatory KYC procedure while the core team works on developing its ecosystem.

Pi Network is also reported to be under investigation by authorities in Vietnam and users should exercise a high degree of caution when interacting with the project and ensure they have conducted sufficient research before doing so.


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