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Pi Network Releases V1 Roadmap

Pi Network appears to have made good on its promise to release a v1 roadmap before the end of October, but Pioneers voice frustration about its lack of information.

Though not yet shared by the official @PiCoreTeam account, Pi Network appears to have published ‘Version 1’ of its new roadmap - promised for mid-to-late October 2023, according to a previous blog post.

Shared on X/Twitter by the @PiNewsMedia account, Pi Network’s ‘new’ v1 roadmap can be found here.

The v1 Roadmap: Nothing New

The post from October 9 on promised Pi Network’s new roadmap in two phases, with the first to be released in October 2023, and the latter slated for the final month of the year.

Though Pi Network appears to have made good on its promise of releasing v1 in October, there doesn’t appear to be anything new or interesting in the release. This is perhaps unsurprising given the project’s track record of allegedly recycling old developments, but it is also in line with the network’s description of the v1 roadmap before its launch:

“Scheduled for an October release, this initial version will focus on relaying the work that has already been accomplished and what we’re currently focused on”, reads the blog post from early October.

This ‘new’ roadmap features only four or so brief sections:

  • Beta, Phase I
  • Testnet, Phase II
  • Enclosed mainnet, Phase III [enclosed]
  • Open mainnet, Phase III [open]

Many commenters on @PiNewsMedia’s post highlighted the fact that this much anticipated release really sheds no new light on the network and its plans, with some voicing serious frustration.

A commenter voices concerns under @PiNewsMedia’s post 

No Date for Pi Mainnet

Crucially, however, the new roadmap shares no timeline whatsoever on the eventual release of a Pi Network open mainnet - something the project’s community have been waiting a very long time for indeed.

Commenters express disappoint at Pi Network’s lack of mainnet-related updates, under @PiNewsMedia’s post 

A distinct lack of clarity around mainnet plans is becoming increasingly apparent as pertains to Pi Network and its community. Indeed, a supposed mainnet timeline, released by Pi earlier this year, was met with mockery and many community members citing repeated pushbacks and unfulfilled promises. 

The Pi Network community is no doubt waiting eagerly for the network’s v2 roadmap release, expected in December, which it hopes will at last provide clarity around Pi’s open mainnet plans. 

That said, the network’s description of said roadmap release seems to imply that no further open mainnet announcements will be made public in this later release either.

“We will then take community feedback and roll out Version 2 in December where we’ll expand the roadmap to include the future milestones for each product and program. This will offer a comprehensive view of Pi Network’s plans in the current Enclosed Network period of Mainnet. This second version will elaborate on the upcoming features, requirements, upgrades, and other initiatives that the network needs to carry out before entering the Open Network period”, reads the October 9 post on

After such a long wait, and such an intense build up in community frustration, the question remains as to “How long will Pi Network’s community be willing to wait before it loses all faith in the project?”.

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