Pi Network Announces New Two-Stage Roadmap: Some Followers Prove Cynical

by BSC News

October 10, 2023


The recent release of Pi Network’s roadmap plans has caused a stir among its followers. However, for some, these updates just aren’t enough…

As announced in a blog post on October 9, and subsequently shared on X (Twitter) by @PiNewsMedia , Pi Network has announced the rollout of a new roadmap in two stages - the first expected in mid-October, and the second in December. 

Screenshot taken from Pi Network’s blog post.

The blog post begins by confirming that “The Pi Core Team will release a milestone-based roadmap for various Pi Network products and programs that will be deployed in two versions”.

The aim of the development is to provide the Pi Network community with a greater degree of transparency, and unlike most roadmaps, it will emphasize “past accomplishments” in addition to “ongoing projects, and future endeavors”.

Crucially, however, the blog disclaims that the roadmap updates will “not present a timeline for the Open Mainnet”. It is also worth noting that, although months are specified, Pi Network does not make any mention to the specific year - ostensibly an ongoing theme for Pi Network announcements. However, the assumption is that roadmap updates will be released this year in 2023. 

Version 1

Version 1 of the roadmap will be released in mid-October and will address both Pi Network’s past accomplishments and its ongoing initiatives. 

“Scheduled for an October release, this initial version will focus on relaying the work that has already been accomplished and what we’re currently focused on. It serves as a transparent look into where we’ve come from and where we are headed, at least in the short term”, reads the post

Version 2

Version 2 is expected in December and it is likely this step that will create genuine excitement in the Pi community. This is because, according to the post, Version 2 will “expand the roadmap to include the future milestones for each product and program”.

“This will offer a comprehensive view of Pi Network’s plans in the current Enclosed Network period of Mainnet. This second version will elaborate on the upcoming features, requirements, upgrades, and other initiatives that the network needs to carry out before entering the Open Network period.”

Frustration from Pi’s Community Persists

Despite the excitement created by the promise of an updated roadmap, a glance through the comments section of the post made by @PiNewsMedia reveals that not all is well within the Pi Network community.

Frustration around a lack of mainnet-specific updates and announcements continues to build. It is no secret that the Pi Network community’s wait for the release of some form of blockchain mainnet has been lengthy to say the least. With no apparent timeline for a mainnet release, we may well see this disappoint from ‘Pioneers’ build further into the future.

Some comments made on @PiNewsMedia’s post:

  • “There is no mainnet date written on it. Again wait wait wait. Even after 4 years they are not telling the date. This has come to the point of making only people follow you.” - @rahulinsan00
  • “Other projects can complete and L1 in much less time. It's disappointing to see how long it's taking and without having any real idea when/if it'll be released before the BTC halving. If they don't have it released by then, it most likely won't be as good.” - @SantaH8CultScam
  • “Nothing definite about Pi” - @OtunLekan
  • “a stagnant and meaningless project” - @SongXa11585


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