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Orion Depp Faces Charges in Colombia for Alleged Abuse of Minors

Depp allegedly used his popularity and financial status to manipulate economically disadvantaged minors.


  • Orión Michael Depp is facing charges in Colombia for alleged abuse of minors in Antioquia region.
  • Orión allegedly used popularity and financial status to manipulate minors in Medellín and Bello.
  • Charges include sexual acts with minors under 14, explicit content with minors under 18, and commercial sexual exploitation of children under 14.
  • Orión's pattern involved coercion, marijuana use, and recording explicit content during encounters, with investigations ongoing to determine the extent of Orión's actions.

In a shocking revelation, Orión Michael Depp, a Financial influencer and crypto venture capitalist, has been apprehended in Colombia on charges of exploiting minors in the Antioquia region. The distressing details of his alleged actions have been exposed by local news outlet SEMANA.

Orión, who boasts an Instagram following of 3.3 million and about 1.7 million on X (formerly Twitter), is said to have taken advantage of his popularity and financial status to exploit economically disadvantaged minors in the Antioquia region, particularly in Medellín and Bello. A minor victim recounted how Orión reached out through Facebook and subsequently WhatsApp, luring them to his residence under the pretense of financial assistance.

The 46-year-old influencer, who possesses a Master's degree in finance from Harvard and multilingual proficiency, allegedly manipulated vulnerable minors using his misleading persona and foreign accent, instilling a false sense of trust. His method reportedly involved sending cars to pick up victims, subjecting them to specific appearance demands and engaging in sexual acts in exchange for money, often around 250,000 Colombian pesos.

Orion had entered Columbia 27 times

The investigation into Orión dates back to April, when a young woman bravely reported his actions to the Protection Directorate of the Antioquia Police. The revelation initiated a priority investigation into the exploitation of minors by the influencer. The authorities discovered that Orión had entered Colombia 27 times, maintaining multiple residences in Bello and Medellín.

Colonel Juan Pablo Cubides, Director of Police Protection, confirmed that Orión is facing charges for sexual acts with minors under 14 years of age, sexual acts with explicit content involving minors under 18, and commercial sexual exploitation of children under 14. The investigation is also exploring the potential distribution of explicit material.

The investigation unveiled Orión's pattern of manipulation, which involved coercing minors into consuming marijuana and recording explicit content during their encounters. With authorities alerted to his intentions, Orión's plan to target minors during the Medellín Flower Fair was thwarted. Authorities are now delving into the extent of Orión's actions and the implications of his alleged activities both nationally and internationally.

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