Onchainpay’s New Deal in Crypto Recurring Payments

by BSC News

June 19, 2023


Crypto recurring payments have never been easier with Onchainpay’s revolutionary platform.

A Game-changer in Crypto Recurring Payments

It is not a secret that recurring cryptocurrency payments have been a challenge until the very last time. Onchainpay, a leading crypto payment processing company, offers a cutting-edge solution in recurring crypto payments for merchants. The solution could be attractive for high-risk companies. Onchainpay’s product provides a safe and low-cost way to conduct recurring crypto payments for consumers using smart contract technology.

Thanks to Onchainpay’s platform, subscribers can arrange such crypto payments regularly. The only thing they would need to start their recurring payments is a crypto wallet. In fact, any of the popular Web3 wallets fit this offer. 

Why Onchainpay’s Crypto Recurring Payment Product Matters

Cryptocurrency is about fast and borderless transactions on the global level. However, crypto recurring payments were not a part of it until Onchainpay offered a fantastic product for the Subscription business model. 

The product's name is Onchainpay.io; the platform allows clients to use cryptocurrency in recurring payments, such as subscriptions. The outcome is just like a fiat currency-based recurring payment subscription model. The platform enables recurring crypto payments using blockchain-based models. 

What Businesses May Benefit from Using Onchainpay.io? 

Onchainpay crypto payments solution is perfect for a number of merchant businesses, such as:

  • Various payment platforms.
  • Adult content producers, plus other high-risk companies.
  • Ed-Tech and FinTech businesses. 
  • Info business companies. 
  • Bloggers and freelancers.

List of Advantages

Onchainpay.io offers tangible advantages:

  • No setup costs.
  • No registration costs.
  • Very competitive transaction fees.
  • Instant crypto funds receipts.
  • Borderless and fast cryptocurrency payments.
  • 50+ cryptocurrencies and 12 blockchains available for transactions. 
  • The option to add merchants’ tokens is available.  
  • All the popular Web3 wallets, including Metamask, are accepted. 


This brand-new crypto recurring payment product is a great solution for businesses offering subscriptions and memberships; it also enjoys the lowest fees. Onchainpay.io is currently an absolute leader in crypto recurring payments. Various merchant businesses, including high-risk companies such as adult content developers, would be especially interested in the product.

Please see Onchainpay's official website to learn more about the platform and its benefits for crypto recurring payments. 


Contact email: ja@onchainpay.org

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