Not Just Another Perpetual DEX! KTX.Finance Announces Mainnet Launch

Offering liquidity providers with real yield in BNB, KTX.Finance aims to provide a secure and user-friendly environment for digital asset trading.

KTX.Finance is happy to announce that its Mainnet finally went live on May 30, 2023, at 3 pm UTC. Early $KTC token holders can now stake their tokens for attractive returns on the protocol’s “Earn” page.

The mainnet launch of the KTX.Finance perpetual exchange marks the culmination of extensive development, rigorous testing, and successful audit phases. It embodies the team’s commitment to providing a secure, transparent, and user-friendly platform for digital asset trading.

At its core, is a decentralized derivative exchange that is supported by a hybrid multi-asset liquidity pool with 50% stablecoins ($BUSD and $USDT) on one side and 50% assets on the other (comprising of $BTC.B, $WETH, and $BNB). Traders are able to enjoy up to 50x leverage completely on-chain, while liquidity providers can enjoy high and sustainable yield paid out in $BNB tokens. 

This unique design, coupled with a self-built custom oracle enables traders to trade with zero slippage and zero price impact. utilizes a custom oracle that calculates the median asset prices from 7 different CEXs. $BTC, $ETH, and $BNB have extremely deep liquidity and the distributed dataset across the 7 CEXs makes KTX.Finance extra secure and completely free of bias.

Launch of $KTC/$USDT Pancake V3 Pool

KTX.Finance's native token, $KTC, plays an integral role in the ecosystem, serving as a utility and governance token. The protocol has listed the $KTC tokens onto PancakeSwap V3 Pool, offering early users and followers an exclusive opportunity to be the first to acquire the $KTC governance token. This initiative aims to provide our community with priority access to purchasing the $KTC token, ensuring that they can stake their $KTC tokens early to receive a larger share of transaction fees! 

To celebrate the mainnet launch, KTX.Finance encourages the community to trade and acquire more $KTC tokens, unlocking a world of exclusive benefits and rewards. Traders holding $KTC tokens are eligible to participate in governance decisions, earn passive income, and access unique platform features.

Unique Benefits of $KTC

Stakers of the $KTC token are rewarded in:

  • 30% of the protocol trading fees distributed in $BNB
  • $esKTC
  • Multiplier Points

Furthermore, KTX.Finance will incorporate new promotional campaigns such as Trading Gamification, Daily Logins Tasks, and Trading squad competitions in the near future to encourage more exciting community activities and reward the community in different ways. $KTC stakers will be able to increase their probability and size of prizes and reward drops during these trading games.

A Community-owned Protocol

There are many DEXes launching on any other day but what makes KTX.Finance truly unique are the following:

  • There is a lack of on-chain derivatives trading platforms on BNB Chain that rewards liquidity providers with real yield. With the support of BNB Chain and other leading investors, KTX.Finance will have a significant head start.
  • KTX.Finance is designed with sustainability in mind and is the only perpetual DEX on the BNB Chain that pays out liquidity providers in $BNB. Other projects are paying out yield in native tokens to attract users with high yield that is unsustainable. 
  • KTX.Finance has a well-thought-out pipeline of “DeFi lego blocks” that will add immense value for users. Through the various integrations KTX.Finance seeks to protect liquidity providers by alleviating open interest skew and asset volatility risk through social trading and extensive integration with other BNB Chain DeFi protocols.
  • KTX.Finance listens and seeks to create a better UI/UX for traders through complex orders and multi-asset swaps. Complex Orders would allow traders to open a position, take profit and stop loss all within one click.
  • KTX.Finance is the first perpetual DEX to introduce Dynamic Fees for opening and closing orders depending on asset utilization. Traders can be sure our trading fees are the lowest in the current market.

KTX.Finance has gone through several iterations and believes the current token distribution and token release schedule will ensure that is a “community-owned” protocol in the long run. 

KTX.Finance offers an array of benefits for traders, making it the go-to platform for digital asset trading. These include competitive fees, high liquidity, real-time price settlement, and robust risk management mechanisms. Additionally, the platform employs state-of-the-art security measures to ensure the highest level of asset protection.

Join the revolution of decentralized finance with KTX.Finance, and take advantage of the vast opportunities it presents. Stay updated on the latest developments by following KTX.Finance on Twitter, Medium, and Telegram.

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