NFTb Launches One-Stop Solution MetaMarket

The Binance Labs-backed marketplace, claiming to be the first of its kind on BNB Chain, seeks to become a complete solution for a variety of end users. NFTb’s aim is to be the most user-friendly and unique Gaming marketplace in the ecosystem.

MetaMarket Goes Live

NFTb has announced that its Non-fungible Token (NFT) gaming marketplace, MetaMarket, is now live on BNB Chain. The NFTb team claims this is the first marketplace of its kind on BNB Chain, with a goal of providing a single solution for creators, traders, gamers, and guilds.

“At NFTb we’ve been heavily committed to building a platform for digital artists and collectors and now we have extended this commitment to Gamers with the launch of NFTb Metamarke, giving the opportunity to turn play-to-earn experiences into additional income and earn rewards”  NFTb’s Head of Gaming said in a NFTb Medium announcement.

Rewards Pool

In celebration of the launch, NFTb is providing a special reward pool based on user activity on MetaMarket. The pool consists of 240 unique GameFi NFTs and 3,750 $BUSD.

The NFTs are from a variety of different projects. Below is the distribution breakdown according to the Medium announcement:


How to Receive Rewards

The pool rewards are based on user activity on MetaMarket across its first two weeks post-launch. Two snapshots will be taken, one per week, from which the rewards will be distributed. NFTb gave a special shout-out to MetaENGINE for being the primary pool sponsor.  

The reward pool terms can be seen below:


Essentially, activities that users engage with on the platform determine their eligibility. As users take advantage of the new features that MetaMarket offers, they are entered into drawings. Some are as simple as connecting your wallet, while others require more substantial investment such as purchasing an NFT.

What is NFTb:

NFTb is an NFT exchange protocol built on the BNB Chain network. The platform can be accessed anywhere around the globe and is rumored to have partnered with hundreds of graphic designers. The project's chief concern is providing a powerful and easy-to-use platform for content creators to use while at the same time creating an affordable experience for NFT collectors by leveraging the power of BNB Chain.

Where to find NFTb: Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Blog |



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