New NFT Launchpad Set to ‘Redefine’ Digital Art on Aptos

by BSC News

October 31, 2023


Mercato’s no-code NFT launchpad could serve to boost the NFT ecosystem on Aptos, offering seamless tools for digital creation.

Mercato, described as “the most comprehensive NFT marketplace on the Aptos Network”, has today unveiled its groundbreaking no-code NFT launchpad - designed specifically to reduce the friction involved in the creation of tokenized artwork within the Aptos ecosystem.

According to a release shared with BSC News ahead of time, Mercato’s new code-free launchpad offers a variety of features aimed at streamlining every step of the digital artist’s process:

  • A Revolution in Artistic Creation — The No-Code Launchpad: The no-code launchpad is designed to be a game-changer for artists. By eliminating the need for understanding complex smart contracts, artists can now focus on what they do best - creating. This platform enables seamless minting and launching of NFT art, democratizing the NFT space for creators irrespective of their technical prowess.
  • Back to Roots: Mercato’s Legacy of Innovation: This launch resonates with Mercato's origin story. Before emerging as the most comprehensive NFT aggregator it is today, Mercato began as a launchpad back in 2021, championing the cause of artists, entrepreneurs, and creatives. Their proven track record includes hosting 48 mints in a span of 6 months and generating over $1 million in sales.
  • Empowering Artists at No Cost: In a move that celebrates and supports creators, Mercato has chosen to offer this no-code launchpad to artists at zero cost. This reaffirms Mercato's commitment to fostering a thriving ecosystem where creators are encouraged to bring their visions to life without financial barriers.
  • A Suite of Tools to Elevate the NFT Experience: Beyond the launchpad, Mercato's toolkit is expansive. Features like portfolio value tracking, floor sweeping, and an advanced trader view empower users with a comprehensive view of the NFT market. These tools, combined with the new no-code launchpad, position Mercato as a holistic platform catering to both creators and traders.

About Mercato

Mercato stands as a hallmark of innovation in the NFT realm on the Aptos Network. From its inception as a launchpad on the Stacks Blockchain to its evolution as a leading NFT aggregator, Mercato's commitment to serving the community—be it traders or creators—remains unwavering. Dive into the Mercato experience and explore a world where art and trade converge seamlessly here.

About Aptos Network

Aptos is a next-generation Layer 1 blockchain.  Aptos’ breakthrough technology and programming language, Move, are designed to evolve, improve performance and strengthen user safeguards. Please visit https://www.aptosfoundation.org for more information on the Aptos blockchain.


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