Mummy Finance Integrates Optimism to Provide Traders with Enhanced Trading Experience

by BSC News

March 15, 2023


With the recent launch on Optimism, Mummy Finance seeks to drive decentralized finance adoption and growth while establishing Ethereum as the top decentralized trading platform.

Mummy Finance Goes Multi-chain

Mummy Finance now officially becomes a multi-chain project as of March 8, 2023, with the integration of Optimism.

According to the protocol, building a perpetual exchange protocol on Optimism has advantages, including higher throughput, lower fees, fast settlement, security, and ecosystem compatibility. Furthermore, Mummy Finance believes that leveraging optimism will help drive decentralized finance adoption and growth and will further establish Ethereum as the top decentralized trading platform.

Mummy Finance has partnered with Multichain to bridge its native MMY tokens from Fantom to Optimism.

New NFTs and Marketing Initiatives

As part of its release on Optimism, Mummy Finance announced the launch of a new NFT collection designed to provide liquidity for MMY/WETH and MLP on Optimism. The collection would have a total supply of 5,000 at a mint price of $1.13 ETH with a bonus of 40 esMMY/NFT. Traders can trade the Mummy NFT collection on the secondary NFT marketplace in the coming days.

In order to ensure the success of Mummy Finance on Optimism, the team has planned joint promotions, AMAs, and other co-marketing activities with partners, subject to ensuring security and other requirements are met. In addition, as reported, the team is exploring new partnership opportunities to ‘capitalize’ on the current Mummy hype.  

Recently, Wonderland has provided $2 million for revenue sharing to kickstart Mummy's liquidity on Optimism. The protocol has become the top project on Optimism in terms of TVL growth in the last 24 hours, which is currently $3.68 million.

Last December, Mummy Finance launched on Fantom Opera to offer traders an ‘unparalleled’ trading experience. A Mummy Finance representative told BSC News that the protocol is currently the second most profitable Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform on Fantom, generating $923K in total fees (average daily fee of $10K). In addition, Mummy Finance reported a Total Trading Volume of $500,000,000 with a Total Volume Locked (TVL) of $16.95 million

Mummy Finance ($MMY) is trading at $7.11, up 13.28% in 24 hours.

What is Mummy Finance?

Mummy Finance is a decentralized spot and perpetual exchange on Fantom Opera and Optimism networks. It aims to provide the best trading experience to all traders who wish to maintain control of their capital and take advantage of Fantom Opera's and Optimism's benefits.

Learn more about Mummy Finance:

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