MDB Launches Xenia to Impressive Results

With a 400% uptrend during the bear market, the launch of the Xenia dApp has been quite successful.

Bear Market Woes

There has been a degree of uncertainty within the cryptocurrency realm as of late, with the current bear market seeing Bitcoin tumble from over $68,000 in November 2021 to lows below $20,000 this summer. The market overall has been a difficult one, with many cryptocurrencies taking a hit. This is mirrored in the general markets too, with ‘fear’ by far outweighing ‘greed’. The sensational crash of Terra Luna saw many moving away from top 10 cryptocurrencies and finding new places to invest their assets.

MDB Steps Up

That hasn’t stopped MDB, or Make DeFi Better, however. Currently outperforming ‘fiat’ investments strategies such as the DOW, NASDAQ, and the S&P 500, along with top cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Polkadot, MDB has seen a huge price boom in the last couple of months, with a 400% rise in the last month.  

MDB has been among the top performers during this bear market. As of writing, the price has hit an all-time high for several consecutive days in a row. Following the current trend, predictions suggest MDB could continue skyrocketing, up 200% again in the coming weeks. Comparing the chart of BTC to MDB, it appears that MDB is bucking the current trends.

Making Moves

MDB have just launched Xenia, their dApp and staking/farming platform, and have also announced that they are due to launch the newest token in their ecosystem, Infinity, next month. nfinity will operate on the BNB Chain, and there are two confirmed key industry partners so far. More information is due to be released in the coming days.

MDB operates in a relatively similar fashion to a more traditional hedge fund, with an investment (currently sitting at over $2million - up $500,000 in just 3 months) backing the project, of which the yields are directly used to grow the fund and benefit holders. The method is working, with the price appreciation significant, particularly in the so-called ‘crypto winter’.

Buying MDB offers exposure to a wide range of cryptocurrency investment strategies, currently managed by experts within the field, with less risk. Cryptocurrency experts have praised MDB for the strategy, adding that the proof is clear in the performance of the token itself. 

MDB also offers the option to earn additional passive income by staking or farming tokens, as well as a BUSD backed stable token offering currently offering over 50% APY on a token that cannot go down in value. There’s something available for all investment and risk appetites - from 400% growth to 50% APY on stable coins.

With a relatively low market cap that’s sitting around $9million, analysts feel the current price is still low and predict the huge growth curve of MDB could continue throughout 2022 and into 2023.

Where to find MDB:

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