InQubeta (QUBE) Presale Set To Exceed Expectations While Polkadot (DOT) and Chainlink (LINK) Decline in Holders

By offering fractional investment opportunities in AI Startups, InQubeta aims to provide investors with the chance to support a niche that is experiencing rapid growth.

InQubeta (QUBE), a new crowdfunding platform that focuses solely on AI startups, is generating buzz as its presale is set to exceed market expectations.

In contrast, established projects like Polkadot (DOT) and Chainlink (LINK) have been experiencing a decline in holders, but why?


First and foremost, InQubeta is a new player in the crypto world that aims to revolutionize the way investors support AI startups - it’s a crowdfunding platform that allows fractional investment in AI startups using QUBE tokens.

The AI market is growing at an exponential rate, with a projected size of half a trillion US dollars by 2023. This presents a significant opportunity for investors to get in early and potentially make significant profits.

What sets InQubeta apart from its competitors is its focus on AI startups. While other platforms may support a variety of projects, InQubeta is solely focused on the AI industry, giving investors the chance to support a specific niche that’s seeing unprecedented growth.

The concept of fractional investment allows investors to invest in a brand without risking their portfolio, meaning that InQubeta is the first platform of its kind, providing a unique way for AI startups to raise funds and engage with their community.

Their native QUBE token is deflationary by nature, serving as an ERC20 token that aims to create a more transparent, secure, and democratic investment ecosystem for AI tech startups. 

Investors can also earn rewards through staking their tokens, making this an attractive investment opportunity for those who believe in the growth potential of AI technology startups as a whole.

InQubeta also has its very own NFT marketplace - allowing AI startups to raise funds and offer reward and equity-based NFTs, while QUBE token holders can easily invest in the projects they believe in, essentially creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem.

Furthermore, the platform offers transparency and security for investors, as they can see exactly where their investment is going and how it's being used. This is a crucial factor for investors who want to ensure their money is being used ethically and responsibly.

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Chainlink (LINK) isn’t doing so hot in comparison. It has been experiencing a decline in holders as the hype surrounding the project has died down somewhat in recent months, with investors becoming more focused on other promising blockchain projects.

Another factor that may be contributing to the decline in LINK holders is the increasing competition in the oracle space. While Chainlink was once the dominant player in the oracle market, there are now a number of other projects competing for market share. This may be leading some investors to diversify their portfolios and invest in other oracle projects, rather than concentrating all their holdings in LINK.


Polkadot (DOT) has also been experiencing a decline in holders for a number of reasons. One possible explanation is that the crypto market has been highly volatile in recent months, and many investors may be looking to take profits or cut losses by selling off their positions. Additionally, the recent sell-off in the broader cryptocurrency market may have spooked some investors, leading them to sell off their DOT holdings as well.

Another factor that may be contributing to the decline in DOT holders is the increasing and ever continuous growth of competition in the macro blockchain space. As more platforms emerge, investors will naturally lose the early bullish feelings they had towards the project - especially due to a few big security concerns in recent months.

Overall, both DOT and LINK are still promising projects with strong fundamentals, but the recent declines in holders may be a reflection of the increasing competition in the broader crypto market - presenting InQubeta as an excellent opportunity amid these two. Of course though, it’s very important to do your own research on these projects before deciding to buy or sell any token.

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