Ignore FUD Successfully Concludes “4Token” FairLaunch on ArcherSwap, Records 2000% Gains

The unique Core-based meme token is already moving fast with a lot of exciting updates including ArcherSwap Launch, Token Burn, and more.

The Hold-to-Earn meme project, Ignore Fud, has successfully completed the Fair Launch of its native token “4Token” on the Core Chain-based decentralized exchange ArcherSwap. Users can now buy and hold 4Token, in view of earning passive income in stablecoin. Ignore Fud is the first unique meme project on Core DAO, allowing users to earn USDT reflections simply by holding its native token. Within less than 24 hours since launch, 4Token has already seen a massive increase of over 2000%, with a trading volume of more than $1 million and $265,800 in liquidity.

Purchase 4Token on ArcherSwap

Following the launch, Ignore Fud has conducted a token burn of 400,000,000 $4Token from its reserves. This deflationary measure aims to decrease the circulating supply of 4Token and create scarcity, which could potentially drive up the token's value.

The meme project has also announced an airdrop of its native token “4 Token” to the top 1000 holders of the Core ID project, with a snapshot slated for March 28, and claiming on March 30, by 8 AM UTC. 

Audit Check and Partnerships

Ignore Fud prioritizes the security of the growing Core DAO community and has completed a smart contract audit with industry security giant CertiK, in a bid to boost confidence and transparency. You can check out the audit report here

The meme project has also established several industry partnerships as an important step toward building a sustainable meme economy. 

What is Ignore Fud?

Ignore Fud is a novel meme token on the Core chain that supports decentralized finance and blockchain innovations. Its objective is to facilitate the onboarding of more cryptocurrency users into Core DAO and the wider crypto industry. Ignore Fud boasts a community-centric meme ecosystem and a distinctive hold-to-earn feature, which enables investors to earn rewards by holding its native token “4 Token”. Additionally, investors gain exposure to a vast and robust user community from across the globe.

In addition to the Hold-to-Earn mechanism, the team intends to offer several utilities for 4 Token, including staking nodes, NFT Marketplace and collection, compounding crypto asset vaults, DEX, and more. 

Ignore Fud's token launch on ArcherSwap has proven to be a resounding success. With its Hold-to-Earn feature and commitment to building a sustainable meme economy, Ignore Fud is positioning itself as a promising player in the Core ecosystem, and the wider crypto industry. The token burn and smart contract audit demonstrate the team's dedication to enhancing security and transparency, while the upcoming airdrop and planned utilities for 4Token highlight their commitment to engaging with and rewarding the growing Core DAO community. As the project continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see what other innovative features and partnerships it will bring to the table.

To Learn more about Ignore Fud, visit the following links:

Website | TwitterDiscord | Telegram | WhitePaper

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